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Thirsty Thursday MAYNE

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by General Blaze, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. Ionno what happened to the other thread(it was bombastic) but its thursday and on this special day of the week i like to drink, and smoke some good bud. I just packed my young roor with some stanky haze like nuggets and mixed a lil l'orange with some orange soda because well, its goin down. :smoking:

    whats the rest of the city sippin on and smokin on..?
  2. My Salvia that I ordered just came today, so I'll be trying that out for the first time. :O Wish me luck!
  3. HIGH All, hey man it's Thristy Thursday here too!!!!! *LOL* I deleted it because someone complained it wasn't weed related....but All most everyone on here knows everytime I type it's weed Biggie *LOL*

    Well I'm tell me....oh ya and I'm stoned I'm HIGH....and IT's ONLY homegrown.....
  4. Judging by your gallery, im not suprised that you are high off homegrown!!

    Im just chillin ...waiting for my boy to call me so we can pick up a little bit of buds. I have about a gram on me, but its only mids so it definitely wont do the trick. I'll probably be pickin up another g because im getting an ounce tomarrow and i dont feel like buying an eighth or anything.

  5. good call,

    unoit what are you drinking?

    i just ate a bunch of mozerella sticks, bout to smoke something kind right before dinner, then i gotta get another bottle of goose.

  6. Amen to Thirsty Thursdays, going over to a friend's soon to have a few beers, probably go out later tonight. I got a 30-pack of beer and a fifth of vodka at my disposal, as well as a bunch of herb...tonight is gonna to be fun.
  7. i have been quite thirsty today
  8. HIGH All, wow sorry I went MIA...*LOL*....pussie's will do that to ya.

    Oh..and HIGHa....*LOL* yes I got shitfaced. We All know you would have won the bet...seeing as your one of the Longest Net Friends I've had (inserts winky smilie).

    I drink pussy's a 6.1% beer called "Wildcat"...hence pussy. So when you see me talking about pussy..well now you know my Friend.
  9. My thursday was pretty damn good, me and a few friends smoked 11 bowls of some fuckin dank. They said my eyes looked like they were bleeding and my other friend couldnt open his haha. great thursday

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