thirdworldarmy's first grow + found neglected grow!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by thirdworldarmy, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. ok so for my first grow I wanted to try and do it all on my own without help, just to see what the turnout is. The clones that I got were supposedly from a plant that has been getting clipped every year for nine year. whether or not that's true will remain to be tested come October. I also found someone elses crop on our 15 acres.... looks like the plants have not been watered for a month at the least. so I decided to take over. They are flowering BTW which is fucking sweet. Only thing I have done to mine is water, miracle grow, sunlight, and trim.

    now for the good part.


    and the crop i found and am now taking care of.


    let me know what you think.
  2. You found it huh? Nice plants though little small.
  3. thats tight as shit u found another grow thats abandoned
    hopefully u can bring those back to life some
    all together those flowerings look nice
  4. hmm
    if there on your property that sounds like fair game
    snatch em up
  5. lookin nice, and I must agree.. if you can't hide them you can't grow them.. its not fair but thats the way she goes..
  6. if its your property then you have some new plants:D cool find but keep a close eye on the new additions and your own since others may be around
  7. I'll keep updating pics every couple of days or so.
  8. which ones are yours and which ones did you find?

    the fenced ones you found?

  9. ya the fenced ones are the ones that I found. They were toward the back corner of my property lol. I live on 15 acres so it's kinda easy to hide plants :D. But I'm so fucking pumped that I found them. now I get even more bud for FREE than before.
  10. another thing I wanna know is why the fuck would someone abandon or forget about so many plants?
  11. Any number of reasons.

    Some people are just lazy.

    Or maybe "they" just haven't gotten a chance to get back to their site.

    Or "they" forgot where it was.

    Anyway, I'm loving those big bud sites. Lovely.
  12. yaa
    if you really want them and dont want to be disapointed i would move them up closer to your house so the guy is liek hey its probably ready to harvest by now lets see if they actually grew.
    and he takes them
  13. yEAh i would definetly move them.

    whoever did that probly put a bunch of clones out in spots like that. You should keep looking maybe you will find more.

    Just a thought.

  14. did you start those plants outside?
  15. The whole point of this thread is that these plants were found abandoned. You should read it.
  16. except for the first 3 plants. the ones in the fencing are the ones I found. Ill update pics tomorrow.

  17. maybe he is referring to the ones he actually grew, if you read on he then tells you about the plants he found.

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