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Third take on tinctures

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Secret_Stoner, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Hello friendly friends.


    So I've been experimenting with tincture this last few months. I've followed a few formulas but found that most of them leave something out.

    I have a method that involves sitting the plant material with high proof alcohol for 2 days then heating the mix until simmer for 20 min, straining and pressing until dryish. Then repeat for a second wash of the material.

    I then take the two washes and mix them with two full spoons of honey, then simmer and let the alcohol evaporate. With a little less than 10g I get about 30ml of this tincture. Dosage for me goes around 15 drops for a good high... as low as 6 are good for a workday.

    This way is a little too thick, so you may change the amount of honey and do one tbspoon of honey and one of water instead.

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  2. Good show! Especially considering the issues where you live. Unfortunately, the honey does get thick and because of that I use a little more honey then use a spoon for more consistent dosing. I like a 1:2 ratio of tincture and honey for that. :yummy:
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