Third grow just looking for ways to push my crop to the next level anything to help.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BlazinTin, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. This is week 4 of flowering my white widow. The breed took very well to lst and scrogging. So far my favorite strain to top because of how well it took to the trimming. Any recommendations on how to push my crop to the next level would be appreciated.

    In running 4 1000 watt hps grow bulbs runnin Nanolus ballasts
    In a 9x9 gorilla tent
    No co2 (would like to introduce not sure if it's to late)
    Temp average 76 f[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Humidity average 45
    Fox farm soil with earth warm castings, Dolomite Lyme, and perlite
    Cyco nutrients

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  2. Looking good so far. I got the same tent but in 8x8and will be running half with flood tables. Using the flood and drain method is supposed to produce the best results. I will shortly be able to compare organic soil to f&d. As far as boosting your current grow I would suggest using co2 to help. They sell stuff at the hydro store that produces co2 for a month without having to buy a co2 set up. It might be worth a shot if you are trying to maximize the plants. Good luck.
  3. Co2 is good, but only if the soil, nute balance, and heat are dialed in... Running co2, you will want to keep heat a little higher 80-85 degrees...

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  4. Are you using any bulking formulas like GH Koolbloom? They have a liquid and a powder, you add the liquid(bulking formula) through most of flower then switch to the powder(ripening formula) for 2-3 weeks before flush. Made a huge difference in resin production and smell on my last plant.

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