Third grow, Cookies Kush & Amnesia Lemon, 600W HPS/MH

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  1. Hey blades! Been on here for a little while, but haven't made any posts, so I figured I should do that. Starting it off with my third indoor grow using seeds from Barney's Farm which I purchased through True North Seed Bank (on a 30% off sale woo!). They are Cookies Kush (looking for that choco-mint pheno) and Amnesia Lemon (for lemon phenos, surprise surprise).

    I put them in pH'd watered coco on 7/19/17 (palindrome woo!). I use a 50/50 coco-perlite blend I make myself. I will be using Botanicare nutrients (PBP Grow, PBP Bloom [soil formula], and CalMag). I'm also thinking about adding some black strap molasses during flowering, but not sure yet.

    So far, 2 of the 4 seeds we sprouted have popped up and are looking well. One seed never popped and the other is only looking okay right now. However, we've got 1 Cookies Kush and 1 Amnesia Lemon, so I'm happy; we've got both types we bought growing. We've got two more seeds, one of either, and I'm thinking about popping them. I wanted to have 4 plants total, 2 CK and 2 AL, with plans to manifold all of them and go for 16 head plants, 64 heads total. Gonna give the two stragglers a few more days before making a final decision.
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  2. I'm betting the sprout that's not doing so well will sort itself out. Weed is a fairly hardy plant!

    Idea - let's say you end up w/ 3 plants. Two of variety A and one of variety B. In that case, why not manifold B to 32 heads and the As to 16? You'd probably just need to be ready to either go 12/12 a bit too early for B or have to be ready to support the As due to them being vegged for so long. You could still probably stagger the harvest though - just throw the As in a closet for that 48hr blackout.
  3. The original four. Down to two.

    For now...

    Yeah, I'm not gonna give up on it yet. I'm just trying to keep it moist, giving it a little spray down if it's looking on the drier side. That said, it's lookin' rough. I'm eyeing that other seed...

    Hmm... Interesting. Like you suggest, the main concern is the timing. But, for all I know, the B plant could be super vigorous. 'Course, the opposite is just as likely. I dunno. Kinda wanna pop the other two seeds and have four plants. Haha... mooorrre pllaaaaannntttss.

    As it stands, I've only got two that are good to go. The CK is a 50-60 day flower and AL is 60-70, so a staggered harvest was probably going to happen. Pull the CK's out and put 'em in the dark. I bring this up though, because going with your idea, I could do two 32 headers. However, just thinking about that sounds absurd to me. Plus, I don't want to have to wait that long to flip. I know me, and I know I'm gonna be debating just stopping at 8 heads just because I want to start flowering. All that said, I'm still going to wait for two more days for the stragglers before I commit to starting the two other seeds.
  4. If you are gonna pop the other two seeds, try and time it so you can be topping the plants all at the same time but so that the later plants are 1 topping behind. 2x32 nodes and 2x16!
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  5. Current status:


    C'mon buddy:

    At least these two ladies are looking lovely:

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  6. Oh man... I really like the idea of using the topping and different grow times to my advantage. 96 heads? :eek2: Good lord. If we could get 5 grams dried per head, that'd be just over a pound :yay:. That just doesn't seem real, ya know?
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  7. Good training setup would make that easy!

  8. Not sure if I can argue with a captain...
  9. I should also state that I'm starting these ladies under CFLs for now. Mostly because I don't want to roast them under the 600W MH. Gonna wait until they get a little bigger first. I have two T12/T8 hoods (leftovers from the last homeowners. Thanks guys!), each with one T12 and one T8 bulb in them, all blue spectrum. Why different size bulbs? Because I found them in my house and didn't feel like buying new ones.

    I originally used just one for my clones for my second grow, and I decided to move both of them into my grow room to use for the early stages. I've got them ~7"-9" away from the lights. I'll move it up as I need to, and then switch to the "big guns" once they've got some good nodes going.
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    Maybe start the MH sooner, but have it fairly high to begin with and drop it down a little every day or so to harden the plants up?
  11. Yeah, I was just thinking that today. The CK is looking really good and I want to get her under the "real" lights ASAP. Might switch it tonight.

    In other news, the other CK is looking poorly. And the AL seed is still not popped. Looks like they're getting the window sill treatment. Which means we'll be popping the other seeds ASAP.

    To bring it back to the lights, when I switch it to the MH, I'll have these two hoods to use. And I would love to do a taste test between the Cookies Kush and the Autoflower Girl Scout Cookies I just received. Hmmmmm....
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  12. Thosw the autoflowers? I remember reading autos tend to have less THC than photoperiods (not that it matters much when the seeds are free)...

    Also - w/ autos you can just go 12/12 all the way, right (or rather lighting time doesn't matter)? Would you want to run the same schedule as your other plants?
  13. Yeah, they most likely won't have as much kick, but like you said, can't beat the price.

    And you're correct that the light schedule is not as important. I think what I'd want to do is have the autos under the CFLs 24/0 until they're ready to really start flowering and then pop them in the grow room with the regular plants after they've been switched to 12/12 from 18/6.
  14. Alternative thought for you...

    -Sit on the auto seeds until a few weeks after you start flowering the mainline mania plants.
    -Start them up then under cfl @ 24/0
    -Harvest mainlines, start up new round
    -Flower autos under MH with the new plants starting veg @ 18/6

    I need to read more about autos, but since they don't care about light hours, I would suspect more hours = more time photosynthesizing = more robust plant = better buds.

    Plus then you get the benefit of continual harvest if it works out.
  15. I was thinking about your seeds/seedlings last night. A couple thoughts...

    First up - did you put the seeds straight into the cups? Maybe germinating in a wet paper towel before going to the cups would help?

    Second - starting in solo cups, right? I wonder if you cut the cups to be shorter (like maybe 2-3inches tall) if that would make it easier to manage the moisture level of the coco/perlite mix...
  16. Man, oh man... It's a cool idea. You are totally right at the autos; more light hours = bigger buds.
    I really like the idea of them being under some lights for a 24/0 sched for at least a little while, but some people say that the increase in bud size sort of levels out after 18 hours. I will have to research this. Regardless, I will strongly consider this. Maybe 24/0 to start to get them branching out and then put them under the MH on 18/6 to finish? Research...

    1st - Straight into coco cups. The problem was that I didn't plant them deeply enough. Was too timid because I planted them too deeply with the first grow and didn't want to do that again. D'oh. I currently have the other two seeds in wet paper towel in between plates on top of a heat pad under a piece of panda film. Hoping that I'll see some taproots tomorrow. If so, they'll be a little more than a week apart in age.

    2nd - It would certainly make the amount of water I need to be even less, but it would be tricky at this point. However, I didn't fill them all the way intentionally, in part so that the white inside would reflect on the plants. I don't expect to keep them in there for more than a week at this point.

    Picture time!
    Just put the fan on them today. Gettin' blasted! They've already turned back up.

    Also gave them their first fertilizing. Super low strength, Grow and CalMag

    The MH light is up! Had to bring it way up to make sure the ladies didn't get roasted. It also brought the temp up by like 10-12 degrees. WOO!

    Germination plates w/ heat pad.

    With the plastic sheet over it, just for added light protection

    Here's to hoping they pop!!
  17. Have the seedlings graduated to pots yet?
  18. Did those seeds in the plates/film/heating pad getup ever pop?

    The other plants MUST be in buckets by now...
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    :sad: No, they didn't. Bastards. Gonna write to True North and Barney's Farm to let them know that only 1 out of 3 Amnesia Lemon's popped. Really though, I'm just happy that one of either popped, so that I can make mothers.

    Indeed they are!! Which means it's time for pictures!
    Getting big for their britches. I forgot to snap a pic of their roots, but they looked really great. Just starting to pop out from the sides and starting to grow down.Perfect time to transplant:
    Close ups:
    Cookies Kush
    Amnesia Lemon (little bit of stress on this lady, I think related to pH [was too low] and an inability to uptake Cal. Looking better now)
    Cookies Kush (v2)

    Begin upgrade sequence:

    Upgrade complete (decided to just throw V2 in there as well for light consistency and aesthetic):

    26 hrs later:


    Wouldn't be right to not finish with more close-ups:
    Cookies Kush (working on node 5, one more 'til the first "pruning" and the creation of our first mother)

    Amnesia Lemon (new leaves looking better, and growing [slightly] more vigorously than CK)

    Cookies Kush (v2, working on node 3)

    Seriously, this has been infuriating.
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