Third grow, 2x2x4, White Widow (Seedsman), OG Kush (Humboldt), Blueberry (Dutch Passion)

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  1. Welcome to round 3. First and second grow journals are linked in the signature or can be found via my profile. First grow was 1 plant, second grow was 2 plants, and this third grow has unexpectedly turned into 3 plants. Using the same hardware but I did change the soil on this third grow. Instead of using FFOF I seeded into Fox Farm Happy Frog. I found the Ocean Forest too hot and messed up my early stages.

    Trying to keep temp 70-80f and RH 50-70% with a close median at 58%. I will be adding a better mister/humidifier soon. For previous grows I kept the light cycle at 18/6 but im trying 20/4 this time. Will be interesting to compare.

    The OG Kush and White Widow were placed in water for ~20 hours before placing in soil. After 3 days, WW sprouted and on day 4 OG followed. OG kept the shell on for 2 days before I moistened and removed. Since then, the OG kush stalled and looks mutated. I lean a genetics issue. A reddit member told me their seed sprouted similarly and it self-topped. We'll see.

    I didnt want to risk the OG to the trash but also didnt want to only get 3 grams on a plant after last grow so I sprouted another seed. This seed came from my first Blueberry Dutch Passion grow. I found 1 seed in the 34 grams. She sprouted Jan 1 2023. Here I sit on 1/2/23 with 3 girls looking for an April harvest!

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  2. I ran a Dutch passion blueberry for a bit over 5 years all in all before I finally lost her.. Really like that stuff and I should run it again.

  3. Agreed. Blueberry by dutch was my first grow and she was very strong. I'm hoping she can catch-up being 3 weeks late to the party.
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    Things are moving along. I have added another light to the tent with the increase of plants. I got the VIPARSPECTRA XS1000 on sale for $89.99. Its a bit more powerful than the original p1000 model and it gives me a failover if something goes wrong.

    The extra light has boosted the growth but has brought on new challenges like temp and humidity. I added a humidifier (AquaOasis™ Cool Mist Humidifier {2.2L Water Tank}) and have it on a smart plug to basically turn on/off every hour. This keeps my humidity levels between 55-75% depending on location in tent and the time. The temp has been steady 80-85f during the 20hour light schedule. I have checked leaf temp, RH and room temp which places me between 0.6-1.4kPa which seems good for the vegetative state. Aiming for 1 but the low temps at night and fluctuating humidity during day keep it tricky. Will be looking for more automation to help the tent.

    It looks like both OG Kush and WhiteWidow are showing potassium deficiency's or maybe sulfate? I was thinkin I was going to flip to 12/12 soon but may hold until I can determine issue.

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