Thinning Stem base??

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  1. The Stems on a couple but not all of my plants have started to really thin at the base, does anyone know why this is and maybe have a solution to fix it?

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  2. How does the rest of the plant look? Got some nute info? Sometimes a potassium shortage can weaken stems (your plant will be super tall if this is the case). Also what kind of lighting, temps, humidity you have? The more info you provide the more you'll help someone help you!

    Good luck!
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    How old is that plant? That looks kind of like damping off. Try researching that a little and see if it fits your problem. If you've got high humidity and lots of moisture it makes damping off more likely.
  4. I agree with Antigen that is probably a gnarly fungus. Definitely some kind of sickness, and not the kind that I'd expect it to recover from.

    If I were you I'd clone what I could and clean everything with bleach before starting over.
  5. Thanks for your answers guys but i thought you could only get damping off in the early stages when roots are still in the medium, these roots are huge like two feet long in the nft system underneath. The nutes are at 15 the light is 600 hps about 70 cm above the canape of all the plants. the plant in the pick is about25 centre metres tall, i have an inline fan pumping warm air out and an oscilating fam moving air around also.
    I was thinking Damping off also but just thought that they were past that stage as they are in the nft now with all roots clearly showing??
    Thanks Darren.
  6. Hmmm...that does seem a little late for damping off to set in. Did you just notice that stem like that or could it have been like that for a while now? Whether it is damping off or not, I don't think you can do anything to make the stem grow back normally there.

    Are the plants with the thin stem problem looking bad in any other way or growing more slowly than unaffected plants?
  7. Thats the strange thing, I have 8 on the go and i would say 5 have this but the one in the picture looks perfect apart from the thinning part, it is the second biggest and looks full of life but that part is deff strangling it and it doesn't look like its going to give up. i have put an ozone generater up there now to see if it can kill off anything, if it doesn't work does anybody advise taking cuttings and starting over or would the cuttings have the problem the same as the doners? i am thinking of just starting again with seeds its just a shame as they were doing so well and with me, the seeding and cloning is where i fall short and once i get them to the vegging it is NORMALL plain sailing.
    Thanks for all the help guys.
  8. It does look bad but if the plants with it are doing as good or better than the ones without, perhaps they'll be OK. I guess it's up to you whether you want to invest more time in them and possibly lose them or give up all the time you have already in them and start over.
  9. Hello. This thread is a long time ago so mite be pointless but what ended up happening with this, du remember? Did u manage to fix and if so how, or what did u do? Did the plants survive?

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