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Thinning Hash oil

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by musuron, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. So I just made some hash oil out of leaf clippings that I've been stocking up on. I used the everclear method to extract it. Turned out pretty good. Gets me quite baked.

    Anyway, my question is: Is there something I can thin the oil out with? Maybe another smokeable oil or something. The stuff I've tried before hasn't been this thick.
  2. how are you smoking it?
  3. Just putting a couple of drops into a cigarette with homegrown tobacco
  4. :wave: welcome[if u r indeed new mu] but i have q not a for u....1]do u mean iso method but w/grain alcohol? 2] i'm planning on growing tobacco w/my mj this summer-i got instructions w/the seeds but any tips?:D
  5. yep, just ground up the dried leaves in a coffee grinder, soaked it in everclear, filtered then evaporated it. I had several liters of everclear left from when I was still in college and had frequent whop parties. Seemed a bit safer than using isopropyl alcohol, since it's safe to ingest.

    The tobacco was actually from my upstairs neighbor (70 year old dude. Pretty cool. Doesn't know about my grow op inside, but I smoked bud with him a couple of times). He grows tobacco in our backyard. I've started some of my own plants indoors in jiffy pellets for transplanting in the spring.

    He has some elaborate processes for curing the leaf for pipe tobacco and chew. Involves a smokehouse type setup. For straight smoking though, you can just dry and cure it in a glass jar like weed.

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