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  1. If you’re South African or live in South Africa or are planning to pay a visit to South Africa in the future, read on…
    Even if you’re not read on…

    This Country is a complete and absolute screw up, The Police and The Government are totally corrupt, that is to say not everyone,
    but a major portion of the Government and its peacekeeping forces are.

    When you live in this country people will often make jokes about bribing officials and the like, but you don’t realise how easy it is or the effect thereof.
    I’ve heard of people bribing cops for R20 (that’s twenty rand, something like $3) to get off minor things like possessing a small amount of weed (the cops still take your weed to smoke it themselves.)
    There have been televised journalistic programs using hidden cameras, that show you things like under age prostitution, police extorting money from people, the darker aspects of the drug trade (which has also been show to be PROSPERING in this country), you can pay for a driver’s license quite easily, and there are many many illegal driver’s on roads that cause people to die all the time. You can purchase yourself a South African ID book for a few hundred bucks, and get it the same afternoon too.

    The Government has recently ADMITTED that a FLAMING MASSIVE PERCENTAGE of the ANC ruling party is corrupt, I’m not exactly sure but I think I heard something like 60%.

    And then there’s stuff like, when a Developer wants to build Townhouses on some land so they can rip people off, but the land is not zoned for this kind of development, so they pay some municipal clown to look the other way, and build their crappy little concrete cages.
    (IMOO Corporations too, do this sort thing all the time.)
    Or the “guy” whose job it is to hire contractors for road repairs, will give the work to his Friend’s, Brother’s and Cousin’s contracting firm, and their so pleased that they CAN’T NOT give the “guy” a NICE BIG FAT PERCENTAGE.

    As I type this (11 June 2006) there is a massive strike ongoing from the security guards, all hyped by idiot unions that only seek to gain power from it. Striking Security Guards are attacking Guards who still choose to work, setting fire to their cars, openly attacking them, causing major destruction in their rampaging marches. And some of these striking guards are turning to crime, maybe ‘cos they now aren’t working, but also definitely as acts of terror.

    You often hear (there was a spate of these a few months ago) of cash-in-transit vehicle heists, where the attackers let loose in busy traffic on the cash vehicles with AK-47’s, killing innocent people in the process.
    Recently, about a month ago, an Airplane carrying millions of US Dollars pulled into JHB International, was robbed for everything it was carrying, and the attacker’s got away fine. It was proven that it was an inside job and Airline staff were involved. Later a large portion of the money had been intercepted, some apparently stashed in car-doors on their way to Zimbabwe, it was brought back to SA where it was held in a big safe on the THIRD FLOOR of a MAIN POLICE STATION.
    (By the way it’s common knowledge you can get an illegal AK-47 or other firearm quite easily in a township or rural area.)

    In this country you hear often so and so was hijacked, or robbed at gunpoint, or even raped or murdered, in crime related incidences.
    I heard of criminals pumping a gas up through sink down pipes, to knock the inhabitants into a DEEP coma-tose sort of sleep, then breaking into the house and picking through at their leisure for valuables and money. The attacker’s also raped the family’s two young daughters, while they were in this knocked out state. The one girl was not totally asleep as her room was further than the source of the gas and she KNEW IT WAS HAPPENING TO HER. This story is true my Dad knows the people it happened to.

    You hear this stuff all the time but don’t realise !!!IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU!!!
    One night my Mom’s friend was visiting her, they can talk for hours but hadn’t seen each other for a while and she was at our house till 1:30 am when she got round to leaving. I was watching some Anime on my PC, when I heard the dog’s start barking - My dogs are two little Jack Russells with very yelping LOUD barks, and we had gotten into the habit of just telling them SHIT UP, when they ran out to bark, which is on a regular basis - But there was something different in their barking, and it took me time to realise it, but it was not normal. I ran to my window and looked out, saw the dog’s had a really strange body language thing going on, like they knew something was wrong, and my Mom’s friend was SCREAMING. I just saw through the trees what looked like someone attacking my Mom’s friend, I kind of thought both she and my Mom were out there and it all happened REALLY QUICKLY I just ran through to the front of the house, saw my Mom was inside, the gate was locked, obviously my mom’s friend was out there by herself. I really didn’t know what the hell to do, and just kind of shouted out the gate, I think I just shouted “HELP-SOMEONE” really loud like just in case there someone around who cared (not likely), I saw them tussling a bit but it was over pretty quick and he hopped right over the front wall (about 9 feet high).
    Outside was another accomplice and a get away car they hopped in and drove off. They got away with her gold chain and handbag with her ID and digital camera she just happened to have with her at the time, and R1000 in her bag too.

    She mentioned to my mom being worried that they now know her address etc. from the id book. And seeing as she had the camera and stash of cash (she had just withdrawn it to pay the gardener the next day, not many people would carry so much money on them.) these bastards thought they’ve struck a nice little gold mine. These “rich” people I think they thought. And rich people hang with rich people don’t they? Only if their friendships just mean being around money.
    We’re not rich; my Dad’s been unemployed for years (Self-employed there’s no difference), and My Mom’s battling to keep a business afloat that makes no profit. But I know I’m well off compared to other’s in the world, my Parent’s own (mortgages and the like too) a reasonable sized house they bought 19 years ago, from the outside it kind of does look high-class I guess but I don’t think about stuff like that. And I know these guys who robbed us probably come from poverty, or are Illegal Immigrants who found the only way they can live is being willing to pull off this kind of thing. In a way I don’t blame them for needing a way to live, but you can’t put up with this sort of thing.

    About a month later I was just sitting down at my PC one Saturday evening (I had just about recovered emotionally by this time), and heard my dogs start barking again, so thought “Better just go check…” and just as I turn the corner into the passage there’s a strange black* man I’ve never seen before walking swiftly towards me. And I just freeze “What the hell…’ or something, you just don’t know what to do. He grabs me by both wrists firmly and I think about the possibility of pulling away but something tells me shouldn’t do that. As he leads me to the TV room where my dad was watching TV (with the security gates wide open, ‘cos he smokes tobacco and we don’t like it. I thought earlier that I should close them but didn’t.) The guy asks me, “Where’s Mommy…Where’s the other people…” and I tell him no one else is here just my dad. We turn the corner and I see two more strange black guys, one holding a gun at my Dad, I think they’re showing me the situation, like that we were outnumbered so I wouldn’t try anything. He then marches me straight back where we came from, up the passage towards the main bedroom and he asks “We need money, Where’s money?” The first thing that happens then is I say “I’ve got R1500, I’ll give it to you.” (Saved over a long time, not like I just rake in cash from somewhere or anything.)
    I turn round and the guy with the gun is right there and he quickly points the thing at me, and I hold my hands up to show I’m not doing anything against him, I think this necessary ‘cos he looks pumped and freaked out.
    “In my bedroom?”
    “Get it?”
    By this time we’re in my room and I’m telling him it’s stashed behind stuff in my cupboard, thinking he won’t let go of me and one of the other guys will probably just ransack my shelves. But he tells me to get it and so I pull out my little Ouch Bubblegum tin with the cash in from behind some books, pull out the money and give it to him. The gunman has discovered my wallet with R100 in it and takes that too while he’s checking a few drawers.
    They then take me to the main bedroom where I see my dad has the duvet thrown over him so he can’t see. They sit me down and I just think “What the hell is gonna happen…” I envisage them taking everything we own.
    Then they tie me up with shoelaces and belts and stuff. They ransack the room asking for jewellery, money, safe, gun, we tell them where the jewellery is, they get a gold chain and a watch and some other jewellery of my mom’s, we have no safe no gun. After a while they decide to go, and leave in my dad’s 4x4. We cut ourselves loose with a nearby pocketknife and quickly pressed the panic button.
    It feels like it takes ages for them to arrive when you’re in this state.
    My dad’s car has anti-hijack which means if you start it up, or open a door while the engine is running, you need to press a hidden button or the alarm goes off and the car stops after a certain distance travelled. This stopped them getting the car.
    A surveillance camera from a business nearby picked up the car coming to a halt and the robbers frantically looking around for the button. A second getaway car came up and they piled into it with the loot (they had stolen most of my clothes as well, basically the only stuff that wasn’t small like cash) leaving behind one of their own cell phones, a shoe and pair of pants. We saw this footage only the next day obviously.
    Needless to say they got away scot-free.

    I heard later that other people just across the block had the same thing happen to them, before it happened to us. We might have thought twice about having our gate open if we knew people had been robbed at gunpoint in our neighbourhood. But nobody in the police or anything informs the public when there’s crime in the area. The Government maintains that crime has dropped, but I’ve never been robbed before this, and it definitely seems the Gov is lying in this regard. A while ago they put in place measures to stop the media reporting on violent crime as much, obviously so they can manufacture results in criminal statistics. Recently when the Minister of Safety and Security was questioned on the matter of crimes like this, he told people to “Stop whingeing and whining…” about it. What a STUPID, IGNORANT, DUMB, OBTUSE, IDIOTIC thing to say. It really shows he either doesn’t care, or really is stupid. I think he should be kicked out on his fat ass. He’s probably corrupt too.

    About another month later we hear that two houses up they got hit at eleven o’clock in the morning. Similar situation. They tied up 8 people with cable ties and locked them in a tiny bathroom, including two young kids 10 and 11 or something. Apparently they smashed in the head of some guy who was doing bathroom tiles for the lady who lives there – with the back of a pistol, he just slumped forward and bled his brain onto the floor. In this incident they got a car, a TV, DVD player, some paintings. Altogether probably worth R1000 excluding the car, which was some old thing.

    The next day my Mom’s friend was hit.
    During the day at like 9 in the morning two guys with knives hopped the fence, took the Maid hostage, got inside and tied up Mom’s friend’s son (also my friend) with stereo cables. They asked about valuables, but everything was locked up in his mom’s room (she always locks her bedroom door when going out). They kicked it down after a while took what they could find and left. My friend had already mostly undone his bonds (weren’t very good) got free and pressed the panic button, when he was sure they’d left. The security response in his area is much faster since they live in an area that has most road entrances boomed or closed off with just pedestrian entrances, and cars patrol 24/7. The security apprehended them in the park and they recovered all stolen things. These lucky bastards went to trial a few weeks ago (Though they’ll probably just pay a guard to let them go once they’re in prison. Or be let free prematurely seeing as SA prisons are totally over-crowded.)

    Tonight, not 1 hour ago, they came back to my house.

    The dogs heard something and started barking, so I ran to let them out the lower window, they raced out toward the front gate and suddenly spun round to face the side-gate.
    They had the same body language and were barking so frantically; I knew there was someone out there. So I pressed the panic button, and when the first guy arrived he had to wait for back up, which didn’t take too long but enough for them to get away, jumping over the back wall and escaping through houses behind us.
    They had smashed out the lock on the side gate to get through easily - first unscrewing the bulb of the security light - I think the dogs heard this noise.

    There is ABSOLUTELY NOT A FRACTION OF A DOUBT IN MY MIND THAT THESE CRIMES ARE ALL COMMITTED BY THE SAME GANG, and they CONTINUE to operate in my area and I have not a single ounce of hope in the police or the government of this country. I don’t know what to do.

    This all in light of the fact that South Africa was granted the opportunity of hosting the 2010 Soccer world cup. This was like 2 years ago now, and absolutely no preparation has been made. They have nowhere for the people to stay while visiting this country, they don’t have enough sport stadiums to support the contest; they certainly cannot protect their own citizens from simple muggings and robberies. How, may I ask, are they going to protect the MASSES of people who will come to this country, especially in the light of fears of major International Terrorist organizations who might bomb a stadium while their respective enemy countries play soccer (or fly a commercial jet into it.) Terrorists could locally source the people and the supplies to carry it out !NO PROBLEM! Al-Queiada (Sorry can’t spell) has operatives in SA, it is a known fact, SA harbours many criminal factions from all over the world.

    Anyway, this was much longer than I expected. My motive is just to get some of my opinion out there. And I think the Internet is a good way to go.
    If you read all the way to the end, thanks a lot for reading, and talk to as many people as you can about this, and tell them to tell other people too.
    And don’t think that it doesn’t apply to you if you don’t live in South Africa. This stuff happens all over the world.

    *I thought this note might be necessary, in case someone thinks I’m racist by saying it was a black man. All three who robbed me were black. The guys who robbed my friend were black. The guys who’ve pulled off all these incidents were black. I know this doesn’t mean all black people are criminals. I know it’s because in Africa most of the poorest people are black, and these guys are turning to crime because they cannot get decent legitimate employment. South Africa has major unemployment like over 40%. Maybe ‘cos apartheid denied them education (There is a substantial Black Middle and Upper class in this country these days. Lots of black people would be considered “Successful”). Or they’re from other African war torn nations that cannot sustain jobs for people, and the migrate illegally to SA only to find they can’t get employed so easily as and illegal (though there are plenty of Illegals working in all sorts of places.) and have to turn to crime to make a living, just so they can eat.
  2. Some friends of mine left Spain to go to live in RSA. I think they are stark, staring mad.
  3. Jesus fuck man, I had no idea about the current situation in South Africa. I thought SA was OK, but every other African country needs some help.
  4. I heard that fifa is thinking about moving the world cup to the US for 2010 due to all the political unrest in south africa. I mean it would be really awesome if it was in the us, but you have to think about the possible economic boost the world cup would give to a country like south africa. all of the money that the world cup brings in would go a long way to help solve some of the problems in south africa, the only problem is they dont want to endanger the lives of the players, coaches, and millions of fans. It sucks for south africa, because they need this world cup badly, but its probably gonna get taken away!

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