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thinking of switching lighting

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by drew425, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Currently have 1 1000w apollo 6 inch cool tube with digital ballast in a 8x2x7 ft tall tent for flowering. I just don't think its getting enough lights to the plants on the outsides. So I was thinking of selling the 1000 and getting 2 400s, 2 600s, or keeping it and adding a small 250. Or put my 240w led from my flowering room and buy another one. Thanks
  2. 1 Kw lights are a nightmare for this very reason, only way to solve this is to shuffle your babies around, or as many growers and in your case I'd go for 2 600w Hps lights that can cover your rectangular shape tent
  3. Im tired of all the moving lol. I wish now id gotten a more square shaped one. 2 600s should change temps much should they?

  4. will get a tad more heat, but a lot easier to remove it, you will have 12% ? more on the power bill, on hot days you may switch 1 600w HPS off, save a bit of power, cool the grow, then you will notice something like NO other.

    You the grower will discover "LEANING". your attempts to cool the room by alternating the 600w's the plants will bend / lean towards the ON light.
    You will think you are going nuts, but the bigger the plants grow the more pronounced it is, this is a type of stretching, and what I've seen so far doesn't affect the plant or bud, I'd have to say The Plant Enjoys this Action, as it is similar to dusk and dawn motion.
    Consider 2 vent systems separate on each light, fooling the plant into think that when 1x 600w HPS is on so is the 1x vent system, ..thinking is a wind change lotsa fun ahead

  5. Don't sell the 1000W. I have the exact same light. I'm on my first grow and my next purchase will be an XXXL hood. The problem with the 1000W lights is most of the hoods aren't exactly big enough to give you a good spread of light, so you have smaller buds on the outside portion of the light. Using the XXXL hood should take care of most of that. There is plenty of light, but your hood is to blame. I wouldn't bother with buying new lights. Get a hood. They're around $120 + usually, but from what I've been told and read, well worth the investment. You just use the new hood, plug your ballast in to it, and put your light in. No difference in anything except the new hood is MUCH bigger giving you a great spread. Here's one from Amazon that I'm planning on getting. Apollo Horticulture XXXL 6'' Air Cool Reflector w/ FREE pair of Rope Ratchet 1/8'' (150lb capacity): Patio, Lawn & Garden

    Edit. Just realized shipping on that one is very high, but there's others out there. Either way, it will still be much cheaper than buying 2 600W's. Plus you'd still have your old hood, and if you just buy another Ballast you'd have 2 1000W lights, one of which with the giant hood.
  6. cool man. thanks. Looking into it right now. Wonder what the size difference with my other hood? Seems like an easy fix
  7. I dont really want to sell the 1000 so I've narrowed it down to adding a 600w or getting a large LED. What do you guys think? LEDs are expensinve, but will add very little heat. HIDs offer more coverage IMO and are cheaper, but more electricity and heat. Im running a 400cfm fan so I think my temps shoul be ok. Whats everyones opinion? And should I place the lights vertically or horizontially in my rectangle shaped tent? Thanks
  8. I use a Magnum XXXL hood with a 1000W. It really expands the light footprint.

  9. Do know what the square footage it reaches is roughly? I think a 1000w is supposed to do 4x8 but I think mines more like a 4x4
  10. My plant area in flower is about 4' x 6'. I grow four big plants in a undercurrent system. IMHO - the more light you can get to the lower branches the more but you get.

    I use a lot of reflector panels for the outside but I want to add a mogul based CFL in the center of my four plants next grow.

  11. Ive got CFLs hanging between my plants and I do have hanging mogul sockets too. The regular cfls don't seem to add much light. How much yield do u expect to get from the plants? Do you have any pics you want to share of the reflective panels? My tent is completely reflective

  12. The regular Apollo hood that I got is 18x12x8 I think. Maybe not even that big. The XXXL is 36 x 32 x 10

    So it's literally more than twice as big. lol. I plan to get one of those hoods, then buy another 1000W ballast and have 2 1000W lights.

  13. My Apollo cool tube is 28 x 25 x 10. Thinking of going with a raptor which is like 41 x 32
  14. I bought my Magnum XXXL hood used for just over $100.

    A few weeks ago I was in Goodwill and hello- there was a Magnum XXXL hood in the box for $15! I grabbed it and resold it at the Denver swap meet for $90!

    I wish I would have found that before I bought the one I use!

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