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  1. I've read guides on the topic, and most examples I've seen use cases that allow for mounting fans on the front as well as the back, some even the top.

    I can get this case for $10, but it doesn't have any holes at the front, sides, bottom, or top. Just at the back for the PSU and one 120mm fan and one 80mm fan.


    The dimensions are 24.25" H x 7.5"W x 17"D

    There is a fan in the front but no vent holes, what do you guys think?
  2. Do you plan on Purchasing/making a carbon filter?

    Its not gonna be stealthy unless you can fix the smell.

    Check out the DIY page - if your strapped for cash.

    If money isn't an issue then i'd suggest running something like 90watts of Bi colour LEDs and then supplement that with the biggest CFL you can get.

    Use a 6400K (daylight) CFL for vegative growth

    Use a daylight and a 2700k (warm white) for flowering
  3. I do plan on building a carbon filter and sealing it to the 120mm outlet fan. I am strapped for cash lol but I plan on making a long project out of it and building slowly as I can afford each piece.

    Thanks for the tips on lighting but what do you think about potential airflow? I could put two fans where the psu would go and get some extra intake there. Its only $10 I'll probably pick it up this weekend lol
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    The more air you can shift - the better.

    Providing you can keep the heat below about 78f. Everything will be cool.

    Do you have an old hair dryer and a laptop charger/phone charger (Or something else with a step down transformer?) Remove the fan - cut the end off the charger - connect it all together - Cheap and quiet out take fan.

    I have a million - god bless our consumerist society - with everything being designed to break or be imediately outdated - we have an abundance of spare parts :D

  5. I see what you did there ;)

    That's awesome dude thanks for the tip. I dont have an old hair dryer but can probably find one cheap. I got lots of spare 12v ac adapters and pc fans though, which I should be able to hook up together.
  6. yeah they work well.

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