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Thinking of starting opening a head shop.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by EastCoastSwag, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. I just got some questions.

    How Do I make sure that the feds and police know I'm a tobacco shop and not some dealer just going with the law?

    Can a parents bring a minor in my shop and buy for him or her?

    What areas are best to get good business?

    If someone slipped up and used a marijuana term and not a tobacco term can I correct him and still sell the piece to him?

    How much would it cost for a decent amount of pieces for a shop?
  2. I've been to headshops and the person describing the piece was like "this is a really great bong..."

    and i was high one time in a headshop and I got excited and said "how much is this oil rig?" and the guy was like "its a glass vaporization dome" and i was like ".. how much for this glass vaporization dome? ;)" and i bought it.

    There aren't rules for a lot of the shit you are asking, its pretty much up to you.

    You shouldn't start a business before knowing the concepts of business, your overhead costs, how much profit you make per piece, etc. Otherwise you'll fuck yourself out of your money and not feel great about it.

    Also, you are never going to sell a piece to a parent that is buying for their children. That is because when someone buys something, you card them. They are the person buying it. Once it gets sold to someone 18 or older, you are free of responsibility. Dig it?
  3. Ah so in other words once the mom buys it or whatever its her pipe to do or give to who ever. Is that still illegal though. If I saw her like hand it to the minor in the parking lot do i gotta be like "hey get back here"? I just wanna be clear on laws before I open one so I don't get in a world of trouble
  4. If you've studied business, go for it!
    If you haven't studied business, study business and go for it!
    If you aren't going to study business, go for it and get fucked in the ass probably...

    But hey, good luck! I'd buy from ya :smoke:
  5. research the laws using google? or just take a bunch of stoners word for it i guess
  6. I would want to be not like expensive but not too cheap. I would be fair and stoner friendly. But I would still ask them to use the correct terms.
  7. If they hand it to a minor in your store, you should say something, but otherwise its all logistical stuff.

    Seriously though, don't underestimate the business end of owning a headshop. Its not easy
  8. It doesn't sound like you've done much research into the world of business. If that's not the case I'm sorry, but if it is you should probably get a job in one first, work there for a while (whilst studying business at Uni) and then once you know all the ins and outs of running a headshop, you buy your own. Don't half ass something like this, if this backfires you'll be left with so many unforeseen costs that'll totally ruin you in the long run.

    Basically, you're going to need to put in A LOT of effort and quite a bit of money to make this anything more than a pipe dream (excuse the pun).
  9. Lol, don't start a business without first consulting a lawyer.
  10. Sounds good. I will most likely just work at one instead.
  11. all the smoke shops that ive ever been to have signs that say not to use any illegal drug references, or youll be asked to leave.

    umn dont allow anyone under 18 (depending on state maybe 21) in, but who cares if the parents buy it.

    it doesn't seem like your prepared to do this, which leads to a huge legal liability. :(

    if you do some research and study business you may be able to do this, and have the capital to start it up

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