Thinking of really intresting and philosophical shit when high.

Discussion in 'General' started by Roscoe706, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. I'm pretty sure most of you have done this before. When your just chilling when your high and start freethinking a little bit and you start thinking really in depth about random things and end up thinking of something really philosophical or interesting shit. This usually happens when I'm blazed by myself kickin it at the house, but it happens occasionally in different situations.
  2. One time when i was high; i came to this conclusion about politics which i believe is true to this day:

    I figured out while people dont like talking about politics.

    Different stances on different subjects break into a simple equation:

    How much will this cost me, How much will this cost the people i care about -
    How much will this benefit me, How much will this benefit the people i care about.

    The real question then becomes; who do i care about and how much am i willing to give to make sure the people i care about get (insert what youre entitled to here)?

    Does your care limit to yourself, your family, your community, your country, your continient, your race, your sex, your age, your geographic location, your sexual preference, your (insert defining characteristic here)?

    By the way, the only thing that defines you are the decisions you make. Talk is cheap. Only God can judge you! (thats what i believe).
    Dropping knowledge
  3. happens to me everytime - its one of my favorite parts of smoking weed. i have realizations about shit. i type what im thinking when im high alot mainly on this forum in a random post that has like no puncutation or anything you can prolly find them all over the place and youll notice how the post just progresses from something totoally on subject to something just like waaaay different 3 paragraphs later that involves me realizing i just typed about random shit on youtube and posted it
  4. Yeah polotics is all horseshit.
    Some of these politicians are crooked as fuck to, talking all this money and going on vacations or just pocketing it.

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