Thinking of quitting smoking

Discussion in 'General' started by Hunterjames74, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Think I'm gonna quit should I? I mean I have no
    Money for it I spent every bit of my money on weed should I?
  2. [quote name='"Hunterjames74"']Think I'm gonna quit should I? I mean I have no
    Money for it I spent every bit of my money on weed should I?[/quote]

    Yes. If you spend all your money on it then you really should stop untill you have a steady income and can handle your currency better.
  3. Thanks for the fast response lol and I'm prob gonna quit and pull my grades up And in the summer start back up when I get the cash
  4. ill let katt williams help you decide.

    "if you aint got no job and you aint smoking weed, i dont know what the fuck you doin with yo life."

    [ame=]Katt Williams - Weed - YouTube[/ame]
  5. Yes, u need to quit. U don't have money for it lol! Im on day 4 of quitting, I would say the first day quitting is the hardest, but I been smoking several times a day for 3 years now. I feel good. Working out much more.

    The only bad part is smoking weed is what I did to sit n do my homework, now that I'm sober, I don't want to sit n do homework, lol I'll haw to work on that.

    Good luck homie
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    from my experience the first day is the easiest. its like day 2 and 3 that get rough. i dont know what happens after that because i always get more in that time frame. i dont know whats going to happen this time. i spent my last $3 on a scratch off ticket in hopes of winning some cash (mostly for gas so i can find a job). im pissed to i played the monopoly board one and 2 of my scratches were right next to a $60,000 spot...
  7. Spending all your money on it is the sign of an addict.
  8. Quit, maybe later on in life you will have the self control to start up again.

  9. its a sign of being broke... i would much prefer to have more than the occasional $20...
  10. Fuck spending money on this shit... Not worth it... Growing is prolly the only way I'll keep smoking. My next crop is about 50 days away. Can't wait.

    I'm very stingy, n I want to be rich, so anywhere I can cut my spending, I have. Girls want a wealthy guy, not a guy that spends all his money on drugs n fast food haha. Life's not about getting high, life's about getting the chicas! Lol just ignore me I'm high off life right now haha.
  11. If you spend all your money on something that is not a necessity, then yes it's a sign of addiction.

  12. no stealing to smoke is sign of an addiction. weed is just the cheapest way to kill boredom... with that said i do believe im mentally addicted. but just because someone spends their money on it doesnt mean they're addicted. that is unless they have bills to pay and are neglecting that for weed. im assuming OP doesnt have any bills since he's still in school. as for me car insurance and phone bill come first.
  13. If you smoke death rolled in death you might as well be this guy
  14. hey, more weed for me
  15. Quitting is not something to just think about. You either do or you dont. You can do any method of quitting possible, but if you dont want to you wont. I quit twice. My second time so far has been for good. It takes alot of will power. If i just woulda listened to everyone telling me not to i could of avoided it.
  16. Stealing is more severe. That would be another sign of addiction. That's not before us.

    Masturbation is much cheaper. Infact, it's free

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