Thinking of putting on the gloves for money

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  1. There's this little mixed martial arts tournament for quite a few weight classes at next year's town fair. It's amateur of course, have to get approved and all that, buuuuut.... If you win you get $500 and a DVD of all your fights where you kicked the shit out of dudes in front of your family and friends.

    I think I'd get to the semifinals of the tournament just because I'm fucking crazy and I love brawling and I am good on the ground if I get knocked down. I've got a good chin though. The only reason I think I wouldn't make it to the finals is by then I'd have a big cut over my eye or something and I couldn't continue. One of the dudes I beat would have to take my place. Oh well.

    The problem is.....

    I weigh 105 pounds, 110 on a good day. I am unhealthy. I gotta get up to at least 145 with plenty of muscle by next year. 145 is the lowest allowed weight class. It's featherweight.
  2. Do it. Whats the worse that could happen? You lose some money, because I'm sure it cost money to get approved and enter the tourney, and get your ass kicked? Thats nothing. But you have the chance to win money, a dvd and if you do good some ladies from the crowd and a rep of bein a badass.

    Wait.. Didn't read the last part. Most of those 145 dudes are probably going to be either at that weight usually or cutting to make it and are legit trained. Some amateur fighters are seriously trying to become pro and tourney wins mean something for them. But whatever, its all fun. You won't die.
  3. Hey man I don't care to get my ass kicked. I just want to put on a good show.
  4. I'm teaching myself to fight southpaw because it's more comfortable for me even though I'm righthanded. I like having the ability to land my hard, fast right jab and follow it up with my slow but concrete left hook.
  5. Do you actually train in anything? If not then i'd probably pass man, I mean its one thing to be good at fighting, and its another to actually train in a martial art.
  6. I've never actually trained, no.

    I don't have the money to actually train.

    But if I can learn by experience.. hell that might be fun. I'm not stupid. I won't ever be a professional. I just wanna fight.
  7. whats the worst that can happen? um brain damage, and a lot of wasted money.

    fighting is not something you casually pick up. judging by your post you arnt the kind of person who should try to fight for money.

    just join a gym and train, dont go waste your body getting knocked out by savages

    youre 105 pounds? man just stay away from the cage

    what ever you decide good luck
  8. Above post has the correct outlook. If you're 100% set on fighting in this tournament your best bet is to start training a stand up style and a ground one. If you're too one-dimensional and don't train grappling at all its gonna be a long night of getting grounded n pounded
  9. Well shit I have to listen to Fedor.
  10. also if youre older than 16, imo youre too old to get into mma these days.

    there are a lot of young local guys who are absolute killers and arent even old enough to smoke yet
  11. I'm not thinking of making a title run against Jose Aldo in the UFC, bro. I'm just talking some amateur fights, maybe live my dream and get a few pro fights. Probably just this tournament.

    You gotta admit, it'd be badass to be standing in the middle of a cage while Bruce Buffer announces your name and you're staring across the cage at someone like Mark Hominick or Jose Aldo. It'd be electrifying and scary and just awesome.
  12. You weigh 105? :eek:
  13. I do now, yes.
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    That's a tiny ass frame to build on for fighting...

    If the lowest weight class is 145 pretty sure most of the people would be cutting down to hit that... while you'll have to add 40 pounds... They gonna be alot stronger probably.

    105 pound natural frame is tiny...
  15. You could go fight in the flyweight division in Bellator
  16. It's not like I've been 105 for a while. I've been 105 since like March.
  17. this is why you shouldnt get in the cage lol

    have you been training in anything? for how long/how many hours a week?

    how old are you?

    what does your instructor think about this?
  18. Ya man gettin in the cage for "just a few amateur fights" sounds like a horrible idea. You'll get your shit rocked if your not fully prepared. The people that will be fighting will be trained and have confidence in their ability.
  19. Having 0 training and getting into a cage is a terrible idea, just saying...

    You have a good chin? Getting hit in the streets isn't the same as getting hit by a trained fighter, especially if you only weigh 105 pounds I mean how heavy were the guys you were fighting that "tested" your chin?

    If you really think you're ready to get into a cage and fight you should at least consider trying out a mma gym just to see what its really like.
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    Couldn't agree more. I've been around the ufc/mma block and trust dude... I've seen what happens to "crazy" people that "learned a few tricks" at home.

    You might get some money for being good practice for real fighters. Martial arts isn't something you can just pick up. It's an art-form. A style. Basically a way of life...

    Just go buy an xbox and be the hero in ufc.

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