Thinking of Ordering Bubbler.

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  1. What do you think, good quality? It's on sale for $60, brought down from $140.
  2. That thing is pretty, and if it fits your needs no reason not to go for it.
  3. Yeah I think I will, I was wondering if that was a good price for it because when I saw it I thought it might be too good to be true considering I've never seen a Triple Bub for $60.
  4. is it online or in a store? either way i think its cheap but not suspiciously cheap. My local head shop had to many double bubblers and no one was buying them so they marked them down to 25 from 100, thats when i got mine
  5. its an IMPORT thats why so cheap and $60 should be the normal price not $160 get an AMERICAN made bub,,peace LEAR
  6. Would you be able to recommend a Domestically made bubbler. Other than overall quality are there any risks in using an import? I am not a veteran toker so I just need something that works and looks nice. As long as it's safe I'm fine with an import.
  7. looks like it would be a bitch to clean
  8. Yeah I know, I am wondering if somebody can recommend a bubbler for <$60 made in the U.S. that would be awesome. And is there any danger using an import?
  9. Buy one from LEAR....his shits sick
  10. Keep in mind those are a little harder to clean, not bad though id offer then 50.00
  11. nice looking piece for 60 bucks id get it enjoy :smoke:
  12. Thank you .
  13. I researched drilled imports and since supposedly the glass is greatly weakened, pieces can come off and be inhaled, is this a problem if it is cleaned consistently?
  14. dont think about it, do it. bubblers are the shit. ive smoked out a tripple chambered bubbler like that b4. i was FUCKED
  15. I'd rather not have the drag of three chambers. I have a single chamber bubbler that is great and very smooth. So I don't see the advantage of having two more. That thing looks very awkward, wouldn't feel right in your hands. It just looks out of place to me. I wouldn't buy it. I would opt for a two chamber one instead.
  16. Problem solved, I looked into it and all glass on the site I found that one is blown either in Oregon or Washington so no it is not imported.

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