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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by AlphaQ, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. I am new to growing and have done some research but have been overwhelmed by the amount of seeds out there. I've been thinking of getting some Nirvana seeds from

    The traits I am going for are:
    - Low smell
    - Fast grow
    - Decent yield
    - Not difficult for the beginner

    Anyone have suggestions?

    I was thinking of Nirvana Northern Lights:

    Also, are feminized seeds worth the extra money?
  2. Last November I used some Nirvana bubblicious from DrC in an indoor grow. I only let them grow in veg state for a month or so (12 inches) before letting them flower. Final product was ready in late-January and stood 20 inches tall. Got a decent yield, and although they smelled, used a $.59 odor eater air freshener stick to cover the smell. Three of three that I grew were female, kind of wished I had a male in there so I would have got some seeds. Easiest grow I ever did. Could have got better results if I was more patient, but I was moving out.
  3. indoor grow ppp every thing on your list ticked
  4. ak47 very easy plant 2 maintain
  5. i think kc brains northern lights special is better and dose smell but not like any weed i ever smelled
  6. Allright, thank you for the advice everyone. I've decided not to go with feminized, too much money. I'm between the following:

    1. Nirvana PPP
    2. Nirvana Northern Lights

    I'm also considering bublicious but mostly the ones listed above. Any preferences to the above, or should I just get both?
  7. if your going to get nirvana seeds get them from the doc they are way cheaper there i know becuase i ordered from nirvana shop they had super fast shipping i just ordered more frome the doc lastnight and the price is way lower for the same seeds i dont know how fast his shipping is but the price is right check it out.:)
  8. Good thread I was looking for something like this, I ordered through another source and it's begining to look like it's going to take forever whith them and I heard Dr. Chronic was pretty fast (2 weeks or so) not to mention I paid 4x for another brand besides Nirvana. I just have to wonder what the quality of Nirvana would be compared to them?

    I forgot who ever posted the PPP but good looking out on that one.

    As looking at the ones I've narrowed down to I'm looking at

    Northern Lights
    Snow White
    California Orange bud

    Right now I', thinking of only getting 3 so Bubblious might be on the way out because of the lower yeild and maybe Snow white mainly cuz I would like to have at least one fruity one (Orange) and heard alot of good things about NL and PPP looks good to
  9. got my beans already wow :eek: the doc is fast ordered last friday night and received thursday hes great now my 14 babys got some new sisters hopfully no mercy snow white and nirvana northern lights:hello:
  10. greenlantern i dont know about there quality my unc is harvesting some nirvana stuff right now and they all look cool to me thats why i ordered them but when i started mine 5 papya and 5 ice 4 off each popped up out of those 1 of each started to grow into ugly little ducklings even with all the other ones being big now at like 19 days im still not convinced that these plants are even weed :confused: i wish i had a cam id show you. so im gonna give those away but the other 6 3 of each look great i ordered more so i guess i trust them still but if these nl do anything like that buisness lost for nirvana.​
  11. Hey K DO that's awsome I bet you already got them going.

    I just sent in my money for Cali Orange bud, PPP, and Northern Lights so hopefully I'll get them in 2 weeks.

    Yeah so the only thing I've really gotten about Nirvana is that the seeds are a bit inconsistant, but for less than $20 how can you go wrong? Crap I just jinxed myself!
  12. nirvana bubblicious 2 out of 3 fems and a use a scented oil plug in to mask the smell. othere than that easy to grow and cheap and crystals!
  13. some feminized seeds are worth the money, but not nirvana feminized seeds! they are way overpriced. go with female seeds nl... and more specifically grapefruit. seen lots of grows of it now and I want some mmm hah
  14. Wow k-do you got your stuff in a week, thats great! I'm guessing you did some sort of quick payment for that. I need to mail them and then recieve so I will probably take longer. But I have decided to go with a 10 pack of Northern Lights and a 10 pack of PPP. Order it on Monday and hope to see it within 2 weeks.

    Might try bubblicious in the future but too poor for trying everything now.
  15. Hey Alpha Q That's cool man It's almost like my order except your missing the Cali Orange. I had to send my order too, but I did it on fri. so if you get your beans before me I'll be pissed :p
  16. GL, you'll get you're stuff before me. I've been unable to get to the post office yet so mine won't even be sent out until tommarow.

  17. i have an orange bud from nirvana and it is doing really well!!! great indoor and outdoor plant so far easiest to maintain... its grown faster than the other tho it started out slower
  18. you guys wanting the cheap seeds should really take a look at mandala seeds for great quality and great price.. a few of their packs are the same price as nirvana, but much nicer genetics. you might want to look at the tiki seedbank tikimix pack too... it's a mix of all their strains and tests from the breeder labs... really good genetics for cheap there too.
  19. I use Dr Chronic - very speedy, great service! As far as Nirvana Seeds go, I have heard many mixed reviews - enough to realize that the quality from Nirvana is a crap shoot. Sometimes you get very nice plants, sometimes you get nothing like you thought they would be. For most things in life, you get what you pay for. Do some research, spend some decent cash for quality genetics and you will never be disappointed.

  20. i have 4 nirvana strains and grew just 3 of the bubblicious ones from seeds. i got 2 out of 3 fems and even had a problem with my light for a few hours and no hermies at all. i think these plants already paid for the whole 4 strains because i paid 55 bux for 50 seeds (bubblicious,k2,white rhino, nl x shiva, plus free mystery seeds! 55 bux! and i have 2 beautiful females. 1 is very crystally looks like sugar was poured on top!!!! mmmmm i can't wait to taste her!! the other is cystally but not as much but i can;t wait to taste her either!!!. so if i get say just a only half ounce thats still like 175 bux around here for some kind nugs!!! well i paid 55 only and still have 52 seeds left!!! how can u go wrong? i say don't knock on nirvana seeds they worked for me and for that price u can't go wrong! sure u can get way better seeds but for over 100 bux for only 10. also if u clone u can have crystally nugs for ever! i cant wait to try my new nirvana strains out!!!

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