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thinking of making hash oil

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smokeyjays420, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. I want to make hash oil, but just moved into a new place and not quite just how well it is ventilated yet. Don't want to reek up the entire complex and have the dogs at my door on the first week. sighhh
  2. I'd say "fuck it" and go for it imo:cool:
  3. making hash oil doesnt reek up the place at all...youre thinking of green dragon
  4. just make qwiso hash..... look up Hashmouf's guide.... very little smell and quick and easy
  5. making oil only makes your place smell like whatever solvent your using.

    Unless your boiling the solvent with the cannabis in it..then you kinda deserve the cops being there.
  6. How about some bubble bag? Mmmm!
  7. i watched a video on youtube and was thinking of just soaking a few of my heavily resined pipes in alcohol for an hour, then filter it through a coffee filter, then place is in a pyrex dish above a pot of boiling water that has been removed from the burner..then to scrape the pyrex with the razor blade to bunch the gooey oil up so that when it hardens it is more condensed. sound about right?

  8. its much safer if you just let let it evaporate on its own...

    And thats just like slightly purified resin.

    i have done it before when i was dry though.

  9. so you're saying to strain it in the coffee filter then just let it sit out? it would be nothing but liquid then. or are you saying to only set it in the pyrex above the boiling water when it's off the burner & not a second time? this method seemed pretty easy and effective and supposedly leaves your with an oil that has an 80%+ THC content
  10. after you filter the useless ash out of the alcohol, put the alcohol in a pyrex dish with a flat bottom, the put a fan or something blowing over it, the alcohol will evaporate in about 3-4 hours if its not really cold leaving you with sticky purified res.

    If you do choose to put it on the stove over a pot of water, your apartment will REEK of alcohol, and youll have to air it comes the risk of fire or something that comes with puttin alcohol anywhere near a hot object.

    ive tryed both ways..they both work but i just dont like the smell and the risk of the first one.

  11. nice..sounds good. so after i filter it out and have the liquid just put it in a pyrex with a fan && make sure the air isn't really cold? not quite sure what you meant by the last part. i'd also rather end up with something with the consistency of glass rather than oil if possible? Sorry to sound so noob, i just usually smoke it or make some butter

  12. if you soak your pipes you wont get something like glass, because it comes out tar like, in order to get glassy stuff, you have to use buds or kief.

    And the fan is so the alcohol evaporates more quickly, and it wont evaporate as fast if its cold in your house.
  13. I just did the method of getting resin where u soak the bowl in alcohol and then evaporate it on a plate.... i only used the 70% stuff and it worked awesome. Only took like 3 hours to dry with a small fan on low near it, though i let it sit for a couple more hours just to be safe. I'd use as little alcohol as it takes to get all the resin out so it dries faster.... My bowl was practically scraped clean, but I still got like a gram of resin. It will be nothing like hash, just slightly cleaner resin. And i'm with the others on the issue of using heat.... DON'T DO IT!
  14. once you let it sit out to evaporate, did you ever use a razor blade to scrape it together or did you do that at the very very end once it was all dry

  15. wait until its dry, heat it up once all the alcohol is gone if you wanna make it easier to scrape.
  16. Yea, I let it dry all the way and then scraped it. It took a little work, because i didn't have a razor blade handy and had to use a knife, which doesn't contact as much of the plate as a flat razor blade would.... but it was well worth it. Heating it up a little afterwords would make it easier to scrape off, but could just make a big mess if it gets too melty. If you leave it dry and scrape it, it will turn into that gooey resin we all know the second you hit it with the lighter.
  17. so i soaked my pipe in the alcohol and put the alcohol into an open container just so i could dry my piece and use it. if i save the liquid will it still work? Somehow the coffee filter I had disappeared so i won't be able to strain it tonight.

    should i put it in the fridge over night?
  18. #18 No1weedsmoker, Feb 20, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 20, 2011

    Yea. You save the liquid, let it dry out, scrape it off the plate and then smoke it. It's not necessary to strain it, but probably just not as bad for you, because the straining is supposed to take out ash. I generally don't strain it cause it seems to take out small chunks of resin too. Don't put it in the fridge, if anything that will just slow the evaporation since there isn't much air movement in there.

    Edit: since you say "open container" it kind of sounds like you might be using a plastic tupperware container... if that is the case, use a plate or glass baking dish in the future, because you really have to scrape at the resin to get it off, and you obviously don't wanna be smokin plastic.
  19. well i was actually going to cut a 2 liter in half use turn the top upside down and put the coffee filter in there to strain it so i just put the liquid directly in a separate 2 liter i had cut in half..should i put it in a pyrex or is it cool where it is? haha i sound so noob but i've just never tried this..still not quite getting how it's different than just smoking resin. Does the alcohol make it so it's more concentrated or what?
  20. Definitely don't use plastic, you'll just end up smoking it or wasting the resin. The purpose of doing this over just scraping is to be able to get much more. The alcohol cleans out any nooks or crannies you can't get into by scraping. I scraped the shit outta my bowl before doing it, and still got what i'm guessing to be at the very least a gram of resin.

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