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  1. I'm seriously considering it. It just seems like my life is going nowhere right now. I really would like something to jump start my life and get me going in the right direction. Maybe it's all the great benefits and such, but it just seems like a good idea to me. I wouldn't do anything until the summer because of previous commitments...but I'm really thinking about what I should do.

    With the economy in the shape it is I can't find a reliable full time job. It sucks, I look everywhere and nothing. I have a car to pay for, insurance bills, a cell phone bill...and without a job it sucks trying to get the bills paid every month. I'm trying everything I can, but it's so hard to get a job. No matter how many times I send out my resume or call places, no place is hiring around me. Moving out isn't even an option financially, I'm really lucky my parents don't mind me living at home and pay for my housing/food.

    Obviously joining the military would be a major commitment, I'm pretty scared to commit myself to something that serious. I don't really know just what I'd do, I definitely wouldn't want anything that would send me to war. It just seems like I could be happier doing it though, I'd be a lot less stressed out trying to make ends meet...and I could actually do something with my life.

    Anyone here have any experience with the military? Any stories, tips, advice... I'm not signing any papers or doing anything just yet, I'm definitely researching everything and stuff first...but I'm looking for anything anyone has to say about this.
  2. Are you really stuck to the extent that joining the military is your only option? Joining the military should always be the last option.
  3. Not necessary a last option, just a good option. I just feel like I should do someting with my life before I run out of options.
  4. Military is a good way to learn discipline and valuable trade skills. Physical harm is a serious risk, and should be a decision based on informed assessment. Do your research.
  5. ive been there, huge car pymt and no job. i found a shitty job though, and kept looking for a good one. if you have a car, deliver pizza. youll make good money and its part time so you can keep looking for a real job.

    i dont think you should join the military. sure, they have a lot to offer, but thats bc they want to put you into their war machine. dont sign your life away, find a job and keep living.
  6. Well you are considered property of the United States Government and shit can happen if you can't fullfil your duties. Any crime committed the punishments are worst than those that the average citizen will recieve. It sounds like you don't want to go to war, so I guess navy or air force would be a better option. If you join the marines be ready to kill someone.
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    Have you checked into the Coast Guard?

    EDIT: Or these guys?
  8. I'm most interested in Coast Guard. Or just National Guard. Not too sure. Im only doing research right now.

    While it's a serious consideration for me, I'm definitely not just going to jump into and do it. I'm obviously going to find out as much as I can before I make any kind of move. Me posting here is just one way of research.
  9. Don't go with Marines. You have to seriously 100% want to be in the military to be a Marine. They love what they do... sometimes too much lol. I'd check with Coast Guard. Especially if you don't want to kill anyone... Instead you'll be saving lives. :yay:
  10. stop thinking this way. run away from a recruiter not towards!! my humble opinion incase you were wondering.
  11. My brother (22) was in the army the past 3 years and went to iraq. Bunch of his friends got killed and I think one killed himself when he got home cuz of post traumatic stress

    Not worth it in my opinion
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    The military has "alot" to offer, but they will always get theirs first. Always.

    A navy recruiter once asked me what I do, I told him I live with my parents, go to school and party and enjoy myyouth, he told me to stop sucking on my mothers tit and do something with my life, I told him to go fuck himself.

    And they wonder why I didn't join.
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    Having a 4 year college degree is a requiement for the peace corp. Not only that they are selective with the peace corp you dont just join they have you apply and have to accept. However i plan on joining the peace corp:) myself once i graduate.
  14. The army is the military, but the military is not the army.

    I'm not really interested in the army.
  15. I say do it. The government pays for almost everything and you get a lot of benefiets. And with a military ID you can get out of tickets.
  16. It's pretty much the same shit dude, the marines is even harder than the army

    unless you're joining the airforce I don't think you should do it
  17. Ask yourself again if this is really what you want to do. Joining the armed forces is a very honorable deed. I feel like this duty has been undermined by the Bush administration. Feel free to do whatever you feel is best for your life.
  18. The only reason you should join the forces is to milk it for the benefits/college $

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