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Thinking of holding that hit? Think again!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Zonyc, Jan 25, 2009.

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    A study has been released recently that shows that cannabis smokers develop bullous lung disease 20 years earlier than tobacco smokers! Bullous lung disease is a disease which causes air trapped in your lungs to obstruct normal air flow, eventually leading to dyspnea (difficulty breathing) and eventual destruction of lungs.

    Why you ask? Well studies have shown cannabis in a positive light in terms of pharmakodynamics and kinetics, however, studies showing the effect of holding ones hit in have not been conducted to such a level as these studies. What researchers found was that cannabis smokers tend to hold their hit in up to 40% longer than tobacco smokers; this is the cause of the bullous lung disease. For the most part 95% of the thc is absorbed within one second, yet people still seem to believe that holding your hit in gets you higher. This is not true, and as evidenced by the study, it is detrimental, very detrimental in fact. It doesn't matter weather you vape, or smoke, it's the holding of your breath that causes these issues.

    Just a heads up! If you like your lungs and want them to help you get high then stop holding your hit!

  2. Whats The Point If Your Not Even Holding It.
    You'd Get Less Of An Effect.
    You SUPPOSED To Hold It.
  3. wow 95% thc is absorbed in 1 second?? no more holding my hits in for so long
  4. I didn't see anything in the article about vaporizing. From what I read, it seems that hot smoke being held in too long is bad.
  5. Did you read the thread at all? Holy crap..
  6. smoke is toxic, period. youre vaporizing when you smoke, but youre doing it in a whirliwind of combustion and fire. smoke in your lungs is going to cause problems, its just that the medicinal effects of cannabis can offset the damage.

    i just wonder about holding a vaporizer hit. i totally believe that thc absorbtion is complete within 1-3 seconds, but ive been known to hold hits just out of habit. probably not good.
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    Thats a nice find.
    The only reason I dont completely buy int to their conclusion that marijuana smokers are in more risk is that..Cig smokers smoke a lot more of herb than marijuana smokers, hence, a lot more smoke.(Unless marijuana smoke is really that much more toxic and bad for your lungs than cig smoke.)
    But yeah if someone was to smoke like 10-20 joints a day they could be in trouble...

  8. :rolleyes:

    ANYWAY, yeah I read this in High Times. It didn't talk about the health risks, only that most of the THC is absorbed right away.

    It's real good to hear the health risks though
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    Erm.. i don't completely buy into this.. but i probably will consider it.
    So thanks
  10. Is there any other studies that prove all the thc/cannabinoids are recieved within one second of holding your breath??
    Ive known since like 5 years ago that holding in didnt get you any higher, but id like to read the one second thing to really put my mind at ease that im not wasting the smoke. good post man, i still hear ppl that think holding it in gets you higher!
  11. Just hit it and hold it for a few seconds

  12. Fail!
  13. Holding it in is just bad for you. Try this out next time you smoke: take a hit, hold it in as long as you can and breathe out. If you hold it in long enough, theres no smoke. Where the hell is all the crappy tar, ash and smoke particles gone? Into your lungs my friend! The longer you hold it in, the more of the nasty shit your body absorbs.

    Anyways, I've always found smoking a joint like a ciggerette (lots of fast, small tokes) gets you waaay more stoned than taking your time with it... But that could just be me
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    I usually hold my hit 'till I feel it. It's a magnificant feeling when you get that rush shooting straight up to your head. I, for one, don't buy into the blasphemy of pot smokers being more prone to lung disease. I've been smoking weed nearly every day since I was 13 and I run cross country. Though, I don't smoke joints or blunts, just bongs and vaporizers. They seem to agitate me less. However, as the guy above said, cigarette smokers light cigarettes one after another, I don't feel a few bong hits a day is comparitive to that.
  15. That rush shooting up to your head is called lack of oxygen. Holding your hit more than a handful of seconds doesn't give you anymore THC .
  16. Naw, it's called some good herb. I usually only hold for 4-5 seconds, until it hits me. I'm not like the old hippies that hold until their face turns blue.
  17. It doesn't matter how long you hold it it, the transfer of THC in the smoke to the capillaries in your lungs is almost instant. As oldskoolgrower said, holding it in just starves your brain of oxygen which makes you feel lightheaded/dizzy and seems to be more noticeable when you're high..
    youve got to be shitting me. were destroying our lungs 20 years faster than tobacco users? yea, bullshit. if we were giving ourselves cancer and dying 20 years faster than tobacco smokers, it would be all over the news showing what a dangerous plant marijuana is. there never even been a death directly attributed to marijuana use or health issues resulting from it. bullshiiittttt
  19. only reason why pot smokers are supposed to live longer than tobacco smokers is the amount of plant matter smoked, tobacco smokers smoke like a pack a day, you wont smoke that much weight in weed every day, probably.
    but weed has a lot more tar and all that jazz, so smoking pot is worse for you, i guess. but then again, they dont put all those chemicals in weed like they do in cigarettes, so i dunno lol. i never hold the smoke in, and i never wont. and guess what, i get high EVERY time i blaze! go figure
  20. This makes little to no difference to me considering I'm not choking down hits until my face gets blue.

    But I can see myself buying a vaporizer and taking quicker hits once I get the money, now that i've read this.

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