Thinking of growing weed indoors, help?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by MrPerfect, May 30, 2009.

  1. Hello all, thanks for coming to my thread.

    So I'm thinking of starting a grow indoors, but I have a few questions that I hope you all could answer.

    In my room I'll sometimes find a bug. So I want to grow in my closet, but in my closet there is some open areas that aren't sealed off (like a hole in the wall).
    1. Will there be an increase and problem of bugs and pests in my room?

    There is sometimes power problems in my house and if there is a lot of things at once the power will go out. This isn't a problem too often.
    2. Will the lights, fan, etc., take up too much energy that I will have problems keeping other things on while the lights are?

    Smell isn't much of an issue but,
    3. How much will it smell when it's growing? Will it not smell until it buds? How long does it take to dry?

    4. Will 4 plants be a good yield and a sure way to keep under the radar? I would like to use the least amount of energy as possible. So would one regular light do enough for 4 plants or how many will I need? I would probably plan on using CFL's.

    5. Would I need to make a vent? Do I simply put something like a hose on the inside of the closet and lead the other end out the window?

    Thanks everyone. I hope I can get some help.
  2. 1.) i'd say that it might be an issue but if i were you i'd get a exhaust fan and vent hot air into that hole...
    2.)trial and error.
    3.)depends on the strain, but gerenally it will smell most in flowering stage.
    4.) 4 is adequate.100w for your first plant and at least another 50w for additional minimum 250w ideally 400w ....spiral cfl are cheap and efficient.. get a few big 40w... 6500k for VEG & 2700k for Flowering.
    5.)like i said in #1 i'd exhaust into the hole in the closet and put a little oscillating table fan in the closet too.......

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