Thinking of giving up weed because of anxiety? Don't!

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  1. I thought I might as well make this freely available to all GC blades, it's daft sitting on it with so many people suffering the same problems. Although there are on the whole 3 different things that lead to dope-anxiety, the main one is very, very easy to get over. I went through a long, nasty period of it myself a few years ago and couldn't understand why - but after a bit of analysis it became obvious, and I conquered it in about a week after months of suffering.

    If anyone would like a copy of a PDF detailing how, just send me an email address I can attach the file to and I'll send it over. As I say, there are other contributing factors and it wont work for everyone, but this will definitely sort most people out - especially the 4.20 tokers.

  2. I have anxiety when I don't have dope. Hell, If I lived somewhere straight I could probably get a med pass for my anxiety problem. Weeds the only thing that fixes it besides benzos which my doc wont perscribe.
  3. I agree, it's a good thing for a lot of people, me included:)

  4. pm me that. it seems with me as the same as all my friends... (weve been smoking for a LONG time. with LOTS of weed.) now when i toke i get some anxiety. it doesnt happen all the time but it occurs more and more often. i need to take care of that so i can enjoy getting high.

  5. Exactly the same for me. No med here and they're scared to give me the benzo's. So continuing on the road of self-medication, I go.
  6. PM with an email address and I'll send it over. For anyone who does get it, think about the time of day you start to toke at, then what the PDF says. You might be getting anxiety just because you're starting an hour earlier in the day or later, it's as critical as that.

  7. I have anxiety, sometimes smoking can make it better or sometimes it can make it worse, it all depends on the situation I'm in.
  8. I didn't think that there'd be so many replies:) All PDF's have gone out, let me know anyone who doesn't get them. As there does seem to be a lot of interest I might as well give a brief description of the problem here, but I think it'd be an idea to get the PDF as it fleshes things out more.

    Dope-anxiety, something that I'm quite sure every doctor in the land could tell you how to solve - but wont....

    Most (but not all) kinds of dope-anxiety are caused by nothing more than low blood sugar. Having low blood sugar affects your mind and body to such a degree that it can manifest as coldness, anxiety, self-consciousness, worry, shaking hands and white face, nausea, a whole list of symptoms that I go into in the PDF. Any diabetics here will tell you just what this can do to you and how bad it can get.

    Although our sugar levels go up and down throughout the day, most don't really notice it other than say, feeling a bit tired or cranky in the late afternoon. A noticeable bout of low blood sugar can be brought on by missing a meal, or eating an hour later than you normally would or, very commonly now, eating crap, high protein and sugar foods. These cause a steep climb in blood sugar and a rush, then an equally rapid fall into low blood sugar and the symptoms I describe.

    For tokers the problem is far worse, because being high emphasises the physical and mental effects of everything we experience, including any of the chemicals that our system might put into us as we approach low blood sugar, and the way we mentally deal with them too. The higher you are, the more you'll feel the effects of low blood sugar - and also the effects of things like the adrenalin that your body will pump into you as soon as you start to worry about how you feel. Nasty vicious circle of feel bad, worry, feel worse, worry more, and we get more and more ill because of the amount of chemicals we're having to cope with, and the low blood sugar itself.

    What makes this even worse is that being high gives our metabolism a boost and causes us to burn off blood sugar more quickly than normal. If we're not eating enough - or not eating the right things - when we're high, then we can easily burn off all our blood sugar and start to feel grim.

    One of the things we're up against is the 4:20 start, the first toke of the day for many. The trouble is that 4:20 for a lot of people is the very time when their blood sugar is at its lowest, being maybe 3 hours and more after lunch. Get high on top of having low blood sugar and you can imagine the effect. The weed will push you into having very low sugar within about ten minutes, and only eating the right foods is gong to pull you out of it in the right way (again, see the PDF). It's no good slamming down a candy bar to avoid it, as the candy will give us a high then a quick low too, and once it's been digested we'll start to feel rough again.

    Also, there are a lot of people who are borderline diabetics, whose blood sugar jumps up and down all day without them knowing it (anyone here suffer from cold hands all the time?). Any of us can become diabetic, and some will find they're heading that way, with every high giving them quite a rough time unless they're careful. Always a good thing to have a regular blood test to find out if this is you.

    If you've just started getting anxiety, think back and see if you've changed anything about your diet, or the time you get high. You can probably avoid anxiety by just postponing your first toke until you've had a decent meal.

    If anyone would like to experiment and find out whether the above is true or not, wait until you're pretty hungry, then get high. The effects will come on quite quickly, and will vary in depth depending on things like diet, your weight, what time of the day it is, how much coffee or tea you've had, how warm you are, how stressed you are, etc.

    Hope this helps,
  9. I'd like the PDF! I am dealing with something similar of the sort.
  10. Send me your email:)

  11. I read the pdf. Its good stuff to know about your body in general even outside of smoking weed. A lot of people do not understand the psychological effects of the foods and drugs they are putting in their bodies.

    Thanks melt.
  12. One of my friends told me something like this a long time ago, because I have an extremely fast metabolism, but I'm like deathly anemic and mal-nurished because I live off cereal.. but yea, my hands are always freezing cold, and no I'm not a diabetic, I'm just fucked up lol but I have been tested for it, which sucks but oh well at least I know I'm not diabetic.
  13. Whooo...I used to have a diet like this, except with me it was about 8 years of almost entirely cheese sandwiches and coffee. I nearly screwed up my liver for good.

    Something you might want to check out, as it's a prime cause of cold hands (cold and slightly sweaty too?) is gluten sensitivity. It's pretty common nowadays. It's even more likely because of your diet, we tend to develop a sensitivity to the foods we eat most. I've got wheat and dairy sensitivity now, both a pain. One sandwich or dish of breakfast cereal and it messes with your sleep, emotions, makes you feel cold (the following day in particular), makes your stomach around your solar plexus stay almost permanently swollen, even though you hardly eat. If you've got both things too, which is possible thinking about what you're eating, then...

    Testing yourself for wheat/gluten sensitivty is easy - stop having it for four days. If you can't say you feel lighter, younger, slimmer, more supple and happier after four days free of it, you aren't sensitive to it. Cutting out gluten is very hard though, everything has it in - beer, ketchup, gum - big label reading chore, but worth it, seriously.

  14. :) Thanks for getting back to me Shasta. Yes, a high can be a lot better once you understand how to use foods to help it along, and how easy it is to screw it up by eating the wrong things.

  15. When I went vegan, I started eating some gluten free stuff, and let me tell you I dropped like 10 pounds in a week.

    Honestly, I'm a very picky eater, VERY, so my main diet is literally: Cheerios, bananas, apples, cheddar cheese, toast, milk, cookies and pancakes :eek: I will eat other stuff, I've gotten forced into trying new foods, so I eat lettuce now and other things, but at my house, that's my primary diet.

    Perhaps, the fact that I'm an insomniac, I don't eat a lot and I don't lose weight, along with my cold and yea sometimes a little sweaty hands does have something to do with gluten.

    I've literally lived off of bread and bread by products for like my whole 20 years on earth, I know, I suck lol

    I'll go searching some stuff online for gluten sensitivity and give it a try. I think giving up bread may just kill me, but hey the atkins diet worked for me, and you weren't allowed to eat bread.. hmm it's worth a try :)

    I would have never really thought about that.
  16. I think this info might push me back into the healthy eating stuff. College destroyed my diet. Good food equaled easy food. In the long run it makes your life suck. Diet and exercise have been shown to be as, if not more, effective as medication in treating almost every mental illness. I do not have any particular mental illness but I have been feeling crappy lately. I think Ill do a month of diet and exercise and see how it works out.
  17. Bump. Still blades experiencing anxiety etc when there's no need. Mail me.


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