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    Cannabis Chapel brings a different kind of love for 4/20
    Posted on 1:15 pm, March 28, 2016 Written by: Jacob Lasky
    Courtesy of Higher Power Cannabis Church

    For marijuana aficionados, April 20 is a special day to show love for consuming their favorite plant.

    However, cannabis enthusiasts will be able to express a different kind of love starting this 4/20 in Las Vegas.

    The Cannabis Chapel on 827 S. Las Vegas Blvd will be the first institution in the city to feature cannabis-themed weddings and spiritual services.

    “There’s Elvis weddings. There’s all different types of stuff. There would be no reason why there can’t be a cannabis chapel that has cannabis-themed weddings,” said Drew Gennuso, founder of The Cannabis Chapel.

    Like other wedding chapels, “WEEDings,” will be recognized as a legal form of union.

    The chapel will offer WEEDing packages which include photos with a marijuana-themed “Welcome to Las Vegas,” sign, reggae-style wedding music and silk cannabis leaf bouquets and boutonnieres.

    The chapel also does not hold any religious preferences for weddings and is LGBTQ friendly.

    It was originally established in December 2015 as the Higher Power Cannabis Church across from UNLV in the Promenade Center.

    Gennuso, a UNLV alumnus, said he moved the location of the church due to attempted break-ins from people mistaking the building for a dispensary.

    Unlike its current location, the former church was more of a resource center for Gennuso’s businesses and did not offer weddings.

    The new 4,000 square foot building still needs more renovation done before it opens for business.

    Currently, there are no outside banners or signs proclaiming the building’s official identity. Ideally though, there will be a cannabis-themed neon sign outside the building once it is complete.

    The inside of the building, which has a dominantly green color scheme, is still in need of more pot leaf imagery and murals. Gennuso said that the final construction efforts should be done by the first week of April.

    Genusso is a well-established figure in the Vegas marijuana community. He operates a number of medical-marijuana related businesses in conjunction with the chapel, including Trim Ready and 420 Tours.

    The marijuana businessman feels that there is great interest in marijuana-themed wedding services and claims that he has at least three potential clients.

    While Gennuso will primarily preside over wedding services, local psychic Locq Fortune will lead the monthly Sunday spiritual services for the chapel.

    “I’ve noticed a great interest [in these services], and I also feel that there’s a great need for it,” Fortune said. “We have a large community of medical marijuana users who have been ostracized by their own faith. But these are still spiritual people…and would like to have a spiritual outlet.”

    Fortune says he seldom smokes, but feels that pot has strong potential for medicinal purposes for some.

    A self-identified pagan, Fortune will draw inspiration from an assortment of religions including teachings from Hellenistic, Judeo-Christian and Hindu beliefs.

    While there will be a slight emphasis on spirituality, the twenty-minute services will focus more on the benefits of medicinal cannabis use.

    “Ultimately we’re tailoring more toward people that do share some type of same belief that cannabis is a miracle plant, [and] does have therapeutic benefits,” Gennuso said.

    Fortune will lead his first sermon on April 24 at 4:20 p.m. It will feature an educational talk about hemp oil and how it has affected people’s lives.

    While the chapel will play upon themes and teachings related to cannabis use, do not expect to open the doors to a haze of pot smoke or show up with a batch of hash brownies.

    There will be no recreational or medicinal cannabis use allowed on the chapel’s property due to legal reasons, according to Gennuso.

    Marijuana legalization has been a hot topic for both state and national politics this election season.

    Nevadans will have the option to vote on legalizing recreational marijuana use on the Nov. 8 ballot.

    Fortune also proclaimed support for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who supports ending federal marijuana prohibition.

    Both Gennuso and Fortune agree that any legalization efforts could only benefit the chapel more.

    While some may laugh at the idea of the chapel as stoner gibberish, The Cannabis Chapel takes its purpose seriously.

    “It’s not some little joke,” Fortune said. “This is something that a group of adults have gotten together with a lot of forethought and foresight on actually looking at establishing this as a faith.”


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