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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by WaterLillyFairy, Oct 14, 2003.

  1. Ok guys, I wanted to ask your opinion on something.. I am seriously thinking of getting a Capuchin Monkey. For those of you who dont know what that is, here are some pics of various types.. I am thinking ofgetting a female black and white Capuchin.

    I've been doing alot of research on them, and though they will be alot of work, and money, I'm really thinking I might like one. My hubby told me to talk to you guys/gals. He seems to think maybe you all can "talk me out of it" Tell me what you think.
  2. You could teach him to hit the bong.
  3. i really should try to tlak you out of it... but that would by hypocrytical of me...

    ... i wanna monkey too!
  4. 'oo'-'oo'-'oo'

    'oo' 'oo'

    'oo' 'oo' 'ooO'

    'oo' 'oo' a' 'ee'-'ee'

    'ee-ee-EE-EEeEEE' 'EE' 'EEEE'!
  5. my friend was gonna get one, but they throw poo when they're mad.
  6. shit! you out of it? i wanna talk you INTO it! first off...he could fetch you a soda (i dont mean like...make him a slave...but...i mean...he coudl fetch you a soda!) you could have a new smoking buddy (someone said teach it to hit a bong...that might be too complicated) but you could teach it to smoke a joint or something, you would be able to brag to everyone! not only that you have a monkey...but that you have a pothead monkey! oh! and you could dress it up in a miniature version of whatever clothes you are wearing...and have it on your shoulder and be walkin down the street and yah...that would be awesome! I WANT A MONKEY! :D
  7. I think it would be awsome as long as you took into consideration the high level of care a monkey needs.....

    aren't they really high maintance?
  8. Yeah, basically, I'll have a 3 year old for 40-45 years... Their diet is very specific, and they need lots of monkey things, like branches, and swings and what not... but I've been really concidering all those fact.. if I do get one, it'll probably be in a couple of years.. right now my baby is alittle too young for a monkey, she'd squeeze the poor things head right off!! LoL!
  9. I'LL BE YOUR MONKEY!!!!!!!!!
  10. hmm... itll hug you and then in the perfect moment of serenity, piss all over your chest.

    itll playfully reach into your pocket, and then pull out a big piece of poo it had hidden there earlier.
  11. lol at all other posts!! ahh a monkey would be great tho.. just have it find the bowl... and have you smoke some of it.. then light the lighter fer the little guy.. or girl.. ( i dont know if a monkey could light it..)
  12. My ex way back in the day had a monkey, fucker was evil as hell!
  13. dude, just keep a candle going, and only give 'em joints/blunts. you can teach him to use the candle, cause i dont think that it could use a lighter.

    if you do this and get a pothead monkey, you will forever be the man.
  14. Actually monkeys are smart enough to light their own joints... along with the curtins... and the carpet....and the couch....and I'm sure you get it... Honestly, while it's a cute and funny thought to see a monkey take a hit, what kind of "monkey mom" would I be if I let my monkey smoke? I wouldn't pass a joint to my daughter... you know?
  15. mabey monday.. i mean one day you will :)
  16. i knew someone who had a monkey and they can be evil little bitches. i heard they tend to get jealouse easily...the person who owned it said it would through shit at her husb and and so on...for example, if you where to have a child the monkey would not be a good thing to have around.
  17. owning a monkey would be crazy...
    I just got an iguana its pretty cool

    later in life im tryn to have a big cat like a Tiger and just let em roam my yard...hah happy tresspassing
  18. And if it's bad you can SPANK THE MONKEY!

    And if you get a heroin habit, you can cry "I can't get this monkey off my back" and you won't be kidding!

  19. that is fucking hilarious

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