thinking of getting a Dark Side of the Moon prisim tattoo

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  1. I'm a huge Pink Floyd fan, I love almost everything that they ever put out, I own five albums hard copy (I torrented the rest and absolutely love them, but I intend to buy all of them), and when I complete my hard copy collection.
    I want to get the Dark Side of the Moon prism tattooed across my back. I want to get the point of the prism at top spine right below my neck, and I want to have the beams of light running to/from the bottom points of my shoulder blades, with the beams of light converging right along my spine
    I don't have the extra money to do this any time soon, but when I picture it, it just looks awesome in my mind.
    no other band makes me feel the way that Pink Floyd does, and the music absolutely resonates with me.
    I don't have any other tattoos or piercings, but I've been thinking about this for a while, and I love the idea.
    what do you think GrassCity?
  2. itd be cool but a lot of people might think your gay lol cause of the rainbow. itd be cool though

  3. good point, I'd probably have to get "Pink Floyd" tatooed underneath the prism if I'd want that to fly
    either that or make sure that more emphisis is put on the prism than the light beams
  4. IMO The Division Bell faces would be cooler.

  5. that would be pretty sweet too, and maybe some of the lyrics to High Hopes, in some kind of awesome script underneath
  6. I don't listen to Floyd but I know the album cover & always thought it was cool lookin'
  7. fuck haters. if anybody gives you any guff, GET EM UP AGAINST THE WALL!
  8. fuck yeah theyre cruisin for a bruisin

    I think next time I do acid, I'm only going to speak in quotes from Pink Floyd songs, or Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas

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