thinking of doin the whole traveling hippy stoner thing

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    Here we go blades, I'm coming up on the end of my lease and I.don't really feel like finding another place. I've always envied the people who really followed their dreams of traveling. I'd iike to get Way long as possible. And as cheap as possible. I have maybe 10grand saved up to live off of during this.time. I don't need a fancy hotel. I.want real world experience. Not tourist. 2 oblivious want as much ganj involved in this adventure as possible. ... so I pose to you.

    Where should I start. And where should I go.

    Edit: thinking outside of America. So think big
  2. Grab your essential possessions and hop on the first bus you see. Go all the way to the end of it's route and get off. Congratulations, your journey has begun.
  3. There's another thread like this if you search that I posted in.

    Get a van.

    Get all the crap you need. Plus a mini fridge. Dual deep cycle batteries in the rear, you can wire them up even without auto knowledge. Wire it up so the batteries charge when your van is running and runs just off juice when off. Make sure you don't wire in your van battery or if you sleep in too late or leave something on ... your van battery will die.

    Basically, power anything other than your van off those two batteries (more stuff you got, you need more). Worse case scenario, you drain the batteries and need to run your van for a while to charge them ... having just a mini fridge and a single burner camp stove makes shit 10x easier.

    I drove around the US until the van broke down, sold the stuff in it, scrapped the van to a scrap yard, and flew back home with that money. Then signed up for another year of college and resumed life as usual.

    It's fun, but not a permanent thing. At least for me. More than a handful of months and I would've went crazy.
  4. Cambodia is cool, so long as you don't die.

    I've been thinking of riding my bicycle across america couchsurfing the whole way to keep costs low. Hitting up blades along the way to smoke with.
  5. In US: I've always wanted to go to the Midwest, Like Omaha, Nebraska, and make my way towards New Mexico, and up to Nevada, and into California and then to Oregon.

    Outside of U.S: Colombia would be sick, and not just for the herb ;). But it's one of those stable, but cheap western hemisphere countries. Theres some other ones, I'm sure you could even find somewhere in Mexico suitable. If not western hemisphere, I'd try somewhere in Asia.

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