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Thinking of buying this Roor

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by umop 3pisdn, May 26, 2010.

  1. Been wanting to buy one for a while but because I live in Aus it's been hard to get my hands on one.

    Was thinking of Roor Bong 3.2 - 3 Piece this one because it seems to be the cheapest. What's the diff between to $100 ones and the $200+ ones? Remember I'm in Aus so shipping's gonna be like $30.

    Also I'd have to pick this up from the post office so is the packaging discreet?
  2. Basically, you can get by with any bong, whether it's $30 or $300. There is a significant quality difference, however, which you will notice if you smoke from it frequently.

    The first thing that makes bongs more expensive are more extras such as extra diffusers and ashcatchers. Secondly, the overall quality of the bong is going to be better with a more expensive bong. This includes joint size, glass quality, glass thickness, size of chamber, whether it is glass-on-glass or not, etc.

    Ultimately I'd say buy a bong within a budget you're comfortable with. If this is something you're going to be using frequently, you might want to invest a bit more for it, but otherwise you may wish to only drop $100 or so. You're already headed down the right path by looking at RooRs, they're very high quality, so now it's just a matter of finding a good one within your budget.
  3. i wouldnt buy a roor. if your looking for cheaper, and pretty much same qaulity i would recomend ehle, allot of people on thesse fourms enjoy them
  4. I wouldn't buy it.

    Sure they're nice pieces but they are WAY over priced.

    Opt for a non brand name bong. You will save your self a lot of money and won't sacrifice quality if you choose a nice one.

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