Thinking of buying my dad a vape...

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  1. My dad is personally against using marijuana (he doesn't mind if his kids use it) because it's illegal. But he has a very serious issue with pain due to this: Trigeminal neuralgia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I'm certain that he could get a recommendation for medical marijuana very easily (and thusly make it all legal under local law), but I'm afraid that he won't even give marijuana a chance to find out if it could help him (and I would love, love, love to get him off of his pharms and alcohol).

    I think maybe that if I get him a vape, he'd be more likely to give it a chance than if it had to smoke it (or maybe I could sneak some into his food, haha, but I don't really have access to that).

    Can anyone recommend a simple, user-friendly, discreet vape that someone who doesn't believe in smoking pot might give a chance to?

    And hey, if he doesn't like it, maybe I can get a vape out of it.
  2. ok first off

    1)dont ever dose anyone without their consent (imagine out of nowhere being high for the first time not knowing what is going on with your body)
    2)first before you buy him a vape consider talking to him about medical marijuana and options other than smoking

    possibly check out vapor bros. they make some good vapes (although vaporizers are not my expertise perhaps someone else can lend a hand)
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    Check out the Purple Days.

    Totally RoHS compliant. Totally lead free.
    VERY simple to use. No stirring of the bowl. No adjusting of temp. No cleaning of wands and whips.
    Only thing that needs to be cleaned every once in awhile is the stem which you put in the supplied cleaning bottle with a bit of alcohol, shake, and your back on line.
    VERY durable. No lights, or adjustable temp controllers, or on and off switches or glass wands, or digital displays to break
    Feels good in the hands.
    VERY efficient.

    For a person using a vape for medical reasons, it's ideal, being that you can accurately dose with very small amounts for the bowl only holds 0.025g, and typically, you can get 4 solid hits from one bowl. It's designed to stay on 24/7 for instant use. No heat up time required if used in this way.

    I normally NEVER suggest just one vape, but if my dad was sick and needed a vape to use for medical reasons, and he wasn't a regular user, this is the one I'd get him.
  4. Don't worry, I wouldn't dose anyone without their knowledge.

    Thanks for the quick response. I went ahead and ordered a Purple Days. I hope it arrives in time for Father's Day. Even more, I hope that he gives it a chance and that it helps him with his pain.
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    I hope it arrives on time too. These vapes are all hand made and takes about 4 hours to make each one, and being that they have become really popular lately, they have been on a pretty long backorder. Demand has really outpaced the supply. Good luck to ya though. Good choice.

    And if, by chance, the bud is not for him, you will end up with the most efficient vape on the planet.

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