Thinking of becoming a valet...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Chanceux, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. I'm thinking about becoming a part time valet to get extra $ for school. I've been driving for about 2.5 years and have a clean record. Only problem is I don't have much experience driving a manual. I had a manual mustang for about 5 days and learned how to drive it but that's all the experience i have and it was 2 years ago. If i do get this job and stall out what will happen? I'm fine getting fired w/e i just don't want to have to pay out of pocket for anything. Does anyone that was a valet know what happens?
  2. i got a few friends who are valets and they didnt really know how to drive a manual when they atarted either...but personally i think that job would BLOW...sure its good money but u gotta run all day, cant grow facial hair (for my friends company at least) and u goitta deal with fucking rich assholes all day fucking lose it at a job like that...but its good money i guess
  3. my friend is a valet at a waldorf historia hotel chain down here, and he makes no less then $150 a night in tips during the tourist season, he goes in blazed everyday to work will come blaze with me on his lunch breaks
  4. yeah the tips are where it's at. and i used to work at a camp with rich assholes so im used to it especially with some help from mj.
  5. good for you, im really happy for you, and imma let you finish, but the limo driver down the street was the best valet of ALL TIME.
  6. Awesome man, I was a bell-boy once. I got to park lambos, nice Beamers, basically everything you can think of. It was at a fancy hotel, look into hotel bell-boys. If you're social, it's a great time.

  7. Classic! +rep
  8. i just now got that, and he has said it before. jesus. im retarded

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  10. Ooooooo shit i get that shit noowww lmao.. I read it over and voer again but just said fuck it and as soon as i read your post i got it...
  11. Chance - If thats the only thing keepin you from doin it, do it. Every valet place will have a manager or captain or lead there at all time while your working. Most places also have more than 1 valet working at a time... so someone there WILL know how to drive a stick. And if the place is cool, they might let you fuck with em when your slow. But dont tell em you can drive a stick good when you cant, ur just askin to get bitchd at... I used to be a valet manager and got paid pretty fuckin decent for driving nice cars. And yeah, tips were plush

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