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  1. so i want to get something pierced. my friend just got her lip pierced and it made me want a new one. my ideas were my nipples, nose, or maybe a second eyebrow (right next to the eyebrow piercing i have now)
  2. I'm sayin.... nipple piercings would be pretty hot, but they aren't so obvious and since you haven't gotten your nose pierced yet I opted for that... I think nose piercings are sexy
  3. I like navel, man I think that looks hot!
  4. TTIWWP!

    We will have to see your nipples in order to form a proper opinion on wether or not nipple rings will look good. It's true. ;)
    • Navel: lame. takes too long to heal
    • Nose: so snotty. Playing with your nose ring looks like you're picking your nose.
    • Eyebrow: lame. makes you look like a punk or a stupid. They sometimes don't heal and you risk getting a scar on your eyebrow where the hair doesn't grow back. You going to keep that look forever?
    • Lip: lame. You want people to want to talk to you, right?
    • Dimple piercings: yuck.
    • Ears: Hopefully you don't have too many in your ears now. One per lobe is sufficient.
    • Tongue: Heals quickly and is easy to remove. When I see that it makes me horny.
    • Nipples: Hot. Sexy. Hurts a lot, though. If you get them pierced, make sure you do them both at the same time so that they are even. Get someone with experience to do it. Don't you worry about your lacteal ducts?

  5. i second this:hello:
  6. i think we need to see a picture of your face before we can decide where to get a new peircing.......i dont think you should get nipples regardless though.....i dont think its attractive at all....but thats just me
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    ok so i think thats a good idea so here is a pic.
  8. I'd go with the nipples or the nose ring. =D

    I find them both very attractive.

    Not really sure I'd go with the second eyebrow. Not really my thing. The one eyebrow piercing looks great though.
  9. Get rid of the eyebrow thing and just stick with the earlobes.

    You need to show pics of your nipples before we judge whether you should get them or not. Do you have nice nipples?
  10. Clitoral Hood
  11. Go with nose. Are we talking septum or off-center?
  12. regular nose piercing on the side nostril
  13. I vote nostril or nipple. I have both my septum and nostril.. so maybe I'm biased ;D
  14. Ok, definitely nose then. Septum piercings remind me of boars.
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    I hope you're not seriously considering advice from random people on the internet about whether you should disfigure yourself. At least your poll respondents didn't recommend another eyebrow piercing. Those just show how young you are. You got it when you were young, right?

    The whole idea is rather primitive. Is this something that's really going to enhance your lifestyle?

    You don't need to keep punishing yourself. Why not get a nice haircut and go back to your natural color and get a facial and a manicure and get some clothes that aren't hoodies or guy clothes. Treat yourself like a woman. (I don't know why I'm assuming that you're straight and are interested in being appealing to men). I'm not talking about belly fat shirts or hooker tops or low cut jeans. Do you ever wear a dress? How about doing something to make yourself more attractive instead of less? At least the nipple piercings don't show too much. That's something kinky that you can save for the guys who you want to fuck. They'll enjoy the surprise.

    Have you considered buying a hat or some new sunglasses with some bling? You can also get those little stick on gems that the chicks like to wear. You might think that's stupid, but at least you can take them off tomorrow. If you wear too many of them all together people will be shocked.

    How about a wacky punk hairdo with colors and style? That'll change your image and shock some people and then you can do something different next season.

    You need to really think about this before you let other people's decisions dictate the direction that your life is going.
  16. ^^^Dude, whats up your ass?

    lol... jk

    I think eyebrow peircings (including yours) are sexy..... and navels....

    I don't think i've ever seen any peirced nipples before..... so i dunno about that....

    Noses are cool, but not really my thing... looks like it would look good on you though, as long as it isn't something real big and gaudy.
  17. Who are you, the Arbiter of Cool? We get it, you think most piercings are stupid. This was well-established earlier in the thread.

    And I sincerely doubt she is basing her entire decision on what a bunch of people on the internet think. I must have missed the part where she said the results of this poll are a binding decision.
  18. NIPPLES! :hello:

    nothins hotter than pierced titties. :ey:

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