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  1. So I am looking at buying a new bong. I don't have alot of money to spend really ($100 max). I don't buy glass bongs at all because me and all the ppl I smoke with are clumsy and we don't want to things that will break easy or anything. I have a bong now its a small 8ich acrylic one. Bought it off this site. I love it btw. But here is one im looking at now. Tell me what you guys think of my choice and make some recommendations on what I should get.
    Ps. Im goin for something that looks cool. ;)
  2. I'd reconsider this.

    Edit:... just so much to say... ill let the city knock this one out
  3. Sorry working from a mobile phone and the pic didn't post.
  4. Sorry working from a mobile phone and the pic wont post. Anyways. Its the acrylic double bong that is on grass city. It is the one that is one I guess pod with the bowl and what not in it and then it has two small acrylic hoses that connect that one to a larger( about foot tall) tube that bends into a arc.
  5. Try checking out Weed Star bongs, most of them should be in your price range, and they aren't horrible pieces either.

    As long as you're extremely careful with your glass you'll be fine. And if one of your friends break it they get to pay you for it and you get a new bong lol
  6. I will look at them but again really really scared to buy glass...
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  8. Anything with a Percolator, but I'm a little biased!!
  9. i bought this one


    from grasscity and it came out to about 92 dollars shipped. I love it! its like 20 inches tall as well so its a nice big one.
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    Damn look at those crooked trees. I've personally never hit a BL, but I would think they would pick a better run model... You know, one with solid tree construction.
  11. You were nervous about ordering a glass bong but you went ahead and got one with a tree perc made by a lower end brand? Not a very smart move brotha.

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