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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Prophet216, Jan 5, 2023.

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  1. Good morning @BrassNwood .
    When I first made the switch from HPS to LED’s I did a bunch of research, and I finally decided to buy my first 2 Spider Farmer 4000’s and it’s been a total game changer in all aspects.
    Since then I have purchased 2 more SF 4000’s and recently I got a Spider Farmer SE 5000 bar style light . The SE 5000 is not just a sexy looking light, it’s a lot bigger than the SF 4000 as far as size and has a better light footprint. It’s been great for a 5 x 5 area. Only problem with the bar style lights is that the par or luxe’s of the light are at its peak directly under the light bars . Anything to the left or right of the bars , and your par or Lux levels drop significantly.
    I had great results with it this last run , and I absolutely love the SE5000 . It’s a badass light and the results speak for themselves.
    The SE 7000 was an option I was looking at , but it’s almost 48 inches x 48 inches big . I decided on the SE 5000 because it was a bit smaller and I wouldn’t have to rearrange everything just to fit the bigger SE 7000.
    If your looking for a quality light to use in a 5 x 5 area based on my experience over the last 3 years of using LED’s , I would recommend the Spider Farmer brand light.
    It’s been extremely dependable, have never had any issues with them at all and the ladies absolutely love them .
    Can’t go wrong with a Spider Farmer LED light .
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  2. Good morning Foggy. A most excellent answer as always. Thanks my friend.

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    I am now leaning towards the ez 8 by medic grow or the fc8000 by Mars. The majority of the lights I've bought have been spiderfarmer, just don't see much from spider farmer that competes at that price point.
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  4. Your welcome bud
  5. Hi @Prophet216,
    Ultimately , it comes down to your personal choice and what your going to be happy with .
    There are many choices out there to chose from .
    Good luck with your search.
  6. I have 6 SpiderFarmer led’s never a problem with any of them. I use the SF1000 (100w) for clones, 3 SF4000’s (1 spare) 2 in a 4x8 tent. 2 SE7000’s for a 9’x 7’ grow space. I’m sure the G8600 will be fine! I obviously would suggest the SE 7000 over the G8600 only b/c i’m more familiar with the Samsung diodes. Bridgelux i’m not really familiar with.

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