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Thinking about weed too much?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NineTwoFive, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. I'm not addicted to weed, and I know you can't actually develop an addiction, but I find myself almost always thinking about weed. I don't know if this is normal or not, but when I'm not doing anything like school or chilling with my friends, I only think about weed. In other words, if I'm just sitting there day dreaming it's about weed most likely, but if I'm in school or doing something important, it's not on my mind. Anybody else get like this or not?
  2. yeah, its normal.
    every sober day im all tensed up just waiting for my daily medication
    thats y i wake and bake alot to take care of that

    edit: im addicted n proud read teh title
  3. Yeah bro...

    If you can't live your life without weed I know it's not what you want to hear, but you're addicted.

    The great thing about weed is it's not physically addictive so it's easy to make it into a weekend or occasional thing if you want.
  4. For sure, especially since I'm growing too. I'm still running A's in my college courses and can focus on that stuff when needed, but the thought of how much I would rather be doing weed related things is still there.
  5. #5 smoke da weed, Jun 5, 2009
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    I am addict, and if anyone has anything to say about it then:


    Then after that, go watch "the union: the business behind getting high." ;)

    EDIT: Yea, I do think about pot throughout my day, but only when I am bored. It is just habitual, kinda like if you eat ice cream everyday at 9 pm for months, then randomly stopped you would go through the same exact feeling. (try it, it's kind of interesting)
  6. it can be habit forming. in other words mentally addicting. your body will never show physical symptoms of withdrawal, but you can crave it. the best way to stop thinking about it a lot is to try to keep yourself busy as much as possible.

  7. +1, What he said.
  8. Its not that weed is addicting to me. Its that, Its sort of my hobby. Like now, just out of school no job yet. So for the past few days i have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do. No responsibilities, no chores..nothing. So when im bored i smoke.
  9. it is a hobby, isnt it? although id like to expand mine w/ a grow room.

    i love busting out my little baggie of herb and my colorful spoon and lighter then putting on some good rap and toking it up, its almost like im building a model ship or racing slotcars or any of the gay hobbies sober people have

    bong making is also another fav hobby of mine
  10. Dude this is so true for me. I'm alone at college in a one bedroom, 0 friends or family within about 300 miles. So growing and smoking gives me something to entertain myself with and be able to research and learn about more and more weed related things.
  11. It's possible to be mentally addicted to anything. People have shopping addictions.

    That being said I think a lot goes into "the ritual" of smoking and when that's taken from you it's hard to adjust. When I am smoking regularly I find that I have to take smoke breaks even if I am already stoned just because I am used to the whole process of grinding, packing, smoking, whatevering, that I get accustomed to it and it's hard to quit.
  12. and my crippling 9th grade 2 year world of warcraft addiction....i would have been so much better socially in HS if it werent for that
  13. This too is something that weed has cured me from. I had over 200 days of actual play time, wasted my whole teenage social experience being addicted to WoW. Now that I'm alone at college and have weed and can grow, I want nothing to do with that game.

  14. you have an addictive personality, unfortunately so do i. I failed 8th grade because of an RPG called Runescape. I'm a dumbass, but i also became like one of the richest in the game. It don't really matter at the end of the day though, but does anything?

    where you get them G13 seeds, does that site have them not dwarves?
  15. i think there needs to be an mmorpg anonymous haha

    in this day and age i bet there already is
  16. lmao i was a fiend for that game too. everytime i could sneak into the lab at school i would just sit there through my classes and click the same rock over and over again to mine coal or something. 8th grade was the shit:hello:

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