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    I'm thinking about trying DXM (gotta try everything once, to a limit anyways) but don't know what is the best cough syrup to even get. I heard vicks cherry cough syrup was a good source but have no idea. I'm doing some research on it now but I'm already pretty baked and trying to comprehend some of what I'm reading is a little tough and trying to remember what active ingredients to stray away from is impossible.

    Thanks in advance.

    Also, what's a good dose for a first timer? I want a comfortable trip, intense but not TOO intense. Weigh about 190 lbs.
  2. Get Zicam Max Cough Spray. One will make you very drunk/high type of feelind and I've never done 2. Not sure it is worth the risk but if you are into crazy stuff then go for it.
  3. Thanks for the advice.

    I completely forgot about Erowid so I decided to sober up first and do proper research on that site. Don't want to end up fucking myself over by being uneducated.
  4. just buy strate up cough supressant, the kind i get is one of those noname brands, and its just Dextromethorphan Hbr(DXM) and its 15mg per tsp good shit
  5. 600 mg takin in the fact you weigh a buck 90
  6. Cool, thanks. Judging by the dosage calculator that's pretty spot on for the second plateau, which is where I want to be.
  7. Have fun, be safe. :hippie:

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