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Discussion in 'General' started by isparkmygreens, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. Lately this guy I know has been doing coke. I was thinking about trying some but I dont know any of the side effects. Can you mix it with alcohol and weed. how long does the high last and what can I expect.
  2. Thizzles or yayo, I'm your man. Gotta question ask it. Coke and weed, not so good. The weed high kinda overlaps the coke high, so you get a liuttle chatt, but not the euphoria or anything really. I mean, not with my pure and my dank :p I don't use hard drugs with alcohol, not pills, heroin, meth, coke, nothin but herb and grits. It's not worth the risk. A coke high is amazing enough in itself.

    Hope I helped bro, more questions? Drop em in this thread and I'll peep it and give my best answer :)
  3. Also, a really quick, but important note:

    I wouldn't be high before you do the coke... I wasn't the first time I have tried, but most of my friends have, and they said it can be very scary.

    I would just smoke to help with the comedown, and thats it.
  4. coke has always interested me. it seemed so pricey for a short high. i guess thats why they call it a rich mans drug.
  5. Wow, thanks guys, I was wonder what are good coke prices so i dont get riped off?

    And what are thizzles, triple c's?
  6. dont do it.

    its fun but the come down reaaaallly sucks

    its a short high-so you do more, the more you do the more the come down sucks

    so once again. dont do it.

    prices are average 40-50 bills for a gram. 60-80 in college towns

    its addictive and kills people/ruins lives (incase you havent seen scarface)

    i lost a friend to it. believe me its not worth teh trouble, its a sketchy drug. even if you think your responsible enough to not to enough.
  7. Thizzles = Ecstasy, that shit is 5-20$ usually. I wouldnt pay more than 10 here though...

    Tripple c's are DXM, but contain another active ingredient that is bad to take alot of, which you need to do to trip of the dxm. Try robotussin.

    Coke prices, 20-40 a gram 80-120 a ball is what alot of people get. Most people don't got mad hook ups.
  8. you know i really suck with prices and sizing, but my good friend just got hooked on coke and ive only done it a few times but my experiences were amazing. so he bought me an 8-ball (which is apparently pretty expensive) and didnt even ask for a dollar in return.

    i happen to really like coke, but it's so expensive that i'd only do it on rare occasions.
  9. Honestly, coke kinda sucks.

    I just got some yesterday see:

    My girlfriend and I decided to do some today, we've both done adderall, but only I've done coke. Basically to make a long story short, we forgot how dumb it is if you have nothing to do, we ended up just getting some downers because it was so stupid.

    If you are going to drink you can mix coke with it, and you'll be able to drink allot more. Beware, you will still get drunk, just less stubbly (at least in my experience).

    Otherwise if you've got a big test to study for, a party to go to, want to play video games all night, or something to that effect then sure go for some coke. Personally though the recreational level just by itself is so poor compared to any other drug. You could get high, trip out, get jammed, be all benzo'd out, whatever, but imo just sitting around geeking out on some yip, not the best idea.
  10. Mixing uppers and downers can potentially really fuck with your heart, so be careful with cocaine and alcohol.

    As far as trying cocaine on its own; go for it, if you feel like you're responsible enough. If you're particularly prone to addiction I would definitely avoid it.

    Some people can really let it get the best of them, and when the short high is done, they want more and more and more and more. Some try and tell themselves they won't get addicted because they don't have the money, but then there are friends with money, or that money for rent that suddenly seems like it would be better spent up your nose.

    Other people, though, can handle it fine. Sometimes it takes some practice, and it takes some pretty strong willpower, but it's definitely possible.

    The come down is different for every person. Personally, I get incredibly apathetic, really burnt out, my body doesn't want to move, but my brain is buzzing too fast to keep still, all of it makes me very anti-social. Depending on how much I do, I won't be able to sleep for at least 4 to 6 hours afterwards. Not for lack of trying, I've spent 4 hours staring at a ceiling before, and not in the fun stoned way.

    But then, I have friends who can slam a couple grams and fall asleep within half an hour after their last line.

    It'll make you feel very confident. If you're hanging out with good friends, you'll probably have some very good and deep conversations that you wouldn't normally have sober. It's a good drug to bond with people on.

    Personally, I'm done with the drug. It caused me far too much anxiety (oh, there's another point, if you're already prone to anxiety, be careful with cocaine), and the come down just wasn't worth it anymore.

    I don't regret a single line I ever did though. If nothing else, it was a lesson.

    Hah, sorry, this is a really long post. I'm stoned. Hope it helped. :smoke:
  11. coke is pretty fun, its a good high, just wish it was more of a bargain
  12. expect to pay batween 40 and 50 a gram. and don't smoke while on coke. can't feel the weed, wait for the comedown. and you should be fine to drink and snort. but don't be totaly drunk when you take the first line, like, drink a 40 while doing lines. it helps take the edge.
  13. all i have to say is ive done it and it aint all that great just some some bowls and save your nose
  14. Don't mix it with alcohol. When coke combines with alcohol in the liver it creates another chemical that is very lethal, it could kill you. In fact you should never mix drugs unless you know what you're doing.
  15. Amen. To expand on that;

    Obviously, plenty of people still do it and end up fine, but everyone should know the risks they're taking before they use any substance.
  16. do not do coke and drink...
    coke speeds up your heart rate and alcohol slows it down(i think) fucks with you
    it will also make the coke comedown much worse due to mixing some certain chemicals and it sucks

    dont do them both
  17. I've never done coke before, but I've had adderal crushed and smoked some heads before.

    Personally I wouldn't recommend it, I mean why take the first step neccessary to go down that path?

    I personally think I might have a heart problem so I don't even fuck with adderall that much any more, just be safe if you decide to do it, and don't give anyone a reason to say I told you so.
  18. I realize it's cool to try new stuff, but coke just sucks.

    I made a thread just like this about three weeks ago. Then, a week later, I finally bought myself a gram for $50. A waste of cash if you ask me.

    The high is...okay. It's nothing like weed. It doesn't let you see cool patterns, wierd sensations, laugh, or help you relax.

    When I tried it, I just felt really good. Like I was king of the world. It made me feel very awake, and I trembled a lot. I wanted to talk a lot too. Everything seemed like it was happening at the perfect moment. When I would talk to people, it seems like they talked with perfect timing, and they said exactly what I wanted to hear. That happened for about an hour. Then, I started coming down. I felt like shit and did some more. I think I blew that gram in a day. Thus, the circle of coke.

    Luckily, I was broke for the following week. If I had cash, I probably would have bought some more. I kept thinking about it too, and that scared me. I told myself I would never do it again.

    Don't try it. It's expensive, harmful, extremely addicting, and the high isn't even that great. You're not missing much, trust me.

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