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Thinking about these two pipes?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Shawq, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Hey so I'm a casual smoker looking for a small on-the-go pipe, wondering if anyone has experience with either of these two ones? I was at my local headshop and saw em and was wondering which would be better for m? I'm looking for a small pipe (not interested in glass).

    monkey pipe:

    fisherman's friend:

    The monkey pipe is cheaper than the fisherman's friend, and both are similar but the fisherman friend one has a little space to hold my stuff in it. Is it worth the extra 5-10 bucks? I'd like to know cause i dont have a stash and dont carry much stuff on me so would it be worth the money?

    cheers! :D
  2. I'm also considering the peabody pipe, also by monkey pipe. Anyone have any experience with it?

  3. I'd say it would be well worth the extra 5-10 bucks. You never know, you may want to carry a couple grams on you one day and a pipe to go along with it. :D
  4. Go with fishermans friend but word of warning dont pack your weed into the storage area to tightly or else it will stick to the back of the storage device, and its a pain to try and get it out.

  5. Does it hold a lot? like does it hold enough to pay the extra $5-10? and is it easy to clean? thanks man

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