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  1. Its crazy to think about human beings, and how they cam up. Honestly, i dont believe in the Adam and Eve thing. It's crazy to think how humans were animals and we evolved so much to things today. When i think how a species evolves, is how avalable the food is. Humans were able to get food when they need it and were able to spend more time on greatering our minds. I've been thinking about this for a long time but whenever i bring it up in convorsation it is Really Really REALLY confusing. I thought id give it a try on text to see how it works. Anyone else think about this?
  2. Absolutely, what most amazes me is how did consciousness spontaneously evolve? If we are truly the only self aware animal, how the hell did that happen and why us? Life can be very confusing when you think about it, I suggest you keep thinking and keep an open mind, hopefully your views will come together, which is exactly what's been happening to me the past couple of months. It can be very overwhelming at times.
  3. they say the discovery of fire made us start thinking how we do, because instead of worrying about making it through the night, everyone could sit around a fire comfortably and watch it. and anyone whos sat and stared at a campfire knows it makes you think...

    and adam and eve is crap, I think we'd all be inbred freaks if that was the case lol.
  4. Which is more "ignorant" (and again I hate to use this word): taking the Bible literally or thinking that everyone who reads and quotes the Bible takes it literally?
  5. I am currently reading Sagan's "The Dragons of Eden: Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence." I am not very far yet, only like 50 pages in, but it is supposed to go through the evolution of life on the planet and he gives his speculations on how the human mind came to be. I am interested to see where he goes with it. I will keep you updated on what he says.

  6. A great thought.

    Adam and Eve for me can be a symbol of the first humans who decided to take the leap into outer self and start to look outwardly and eventually we became so out we forgot the in.

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