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  1. Okay so I've been reading the forums here for a while and a few grow journals but I still have several questions...

    First of all, I have two closets available to grow in. One's in a spare room and is about 2 feet wide, 5 feet long, and 6 feet tall, and the other is in my room and is 1.25 feet wide, 6.5 feet long, and 6.5 feet tall. Which would be the better choice to grow in if I was planning on growing anywhere from 4-6 plants? Probably 4 though... I suppose I could use both but for my first grow I'd prefer to use just one.

    I've heard that bagseed might be best for the first grow but I feel that I'm capable of growing a little bit of a higher quality strain without messing up. I was thinking maybe 2 plants of red diesel and two bubblegum or laughing Buddha but I'm not sure... Any suggestions for some first time grow strains? I'm looking for an indica sativa mix but am open to anything.

    Lastly I'm kind of confused about the nute situation... How often should I feed them and with what brand of nutes? I've seen many different feeding cycles but am looking for a simple effective method and am willing to spend a little more money for higher quality nutes.

    Thanks so much in advance for any advice or suggestions you can give! I wouldn't be starting my grow for a while but want to be fully prepared :).
  2. personally i use the first closet it's wider and will be easier to manuver plants and far as seeds go, if you think you are ready with some good genetic seeds go for it but it wouldn't hurt to practise with some bagseeds if they are available......

    i think the sativas are more tempermantal to grow...and usually have longer flowering times..100%indica or a hybrid of the both would be my choice.
    plants only need water for the first few weeks or until the very first and only set of ROUND leaves fall of, them you can use nutes.....too many to choose from and again, personally i use Advanced nutrients, i happy with them for feeding schedule and program.......i feed nutes every watering some do nutes,water ,nutes, water etc,etc......others do nutes, nutes, water, nutes. nutes, water, nutes..... which ever you choose, just be sure to let the pots dry out before re-watering again.......
  3. first closet....1-4 plants.......only indica, something very short, like....Big Bang
  4. Keep your first grow simple. You can order seeds if you like, but the bag seed you have just may be some of those designer genetics that just weren't cared for like they should have been. Ex. I bought a bag of pot when I went back for my high school reunion a few years ago. It was kind of seedy, not much taste, was barely dry enough to burn, etc. I took some seeds home and grew them out to see it's potential. It turned out to be either Blueberry or a Blueberry cross. I was happy about this as I love the taste and I was planning to buy Blueberry seeds anyway. Just a thought on that. Also I wouldn't recommend growing more than 1 strain your first go round. Different strains have different nutritional needs, growth rates, etc. and what is perfect for 1 may cause deficiencies and/or toxicities in the other. I made this mistake when I first started growing and was constantly trying to find a happy medium to keep both strains happy. As to your nute question, are you going soil or hydro? Other than my mother plants, I don't grow soil so I'm not sure what's the best on the market right now, but for hydro I use Advanced Nutrients products. I used to use General Hydroponics products, but they were lacking a little in magnesium and had to use a supplement. Good luck and have fun.

    Oh and about the two closets, use the wider one definitely.

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