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Thinking about slowing down or taking a break.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ReDNeCk98, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Hello all, I have been thinking about slowing down on smoking or taking a break. I've smoked about once a month for about 4 years. Recently since I've been employed and don't have drug test I feel I can smoke all I want. For the past 4 months there really has been a point were I am awake and not high besides at work. I smoke anywhere from a 1/4-1/2 a oz. myself in a week. Anybody know how to go about slowing down?
  2. Its easy. A little thing called self control. :D haha.
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    Find something to do instead of smoking - doesn't have to be anything fancy. When I wanted to slow down, I took up playing Battlefield 3. Replacing smoking with something else "rewarding" really works. I know this from experience.

    I was living away from home with two roommates (horrible idea), and it just went to shit. I was depressed, knew I wouldn't last too long, so I started smoking all the time to get away from it. I was literally smoking all day, every day. Sometimes I'd buy a quarter at, say, 7pm. I'd be back to the guy within 24 hours.

    When I moved back home, I went straight from that ^ to not smoking for a month straight. I got a job back home, was working 10 days in a row with a day or two off, and quickly saved enough to buy myself the exact vehicle I wanted. Now I've got the job (working normal hours now haha), a sexy-ass Jeep, and I'm smoking about 4g a week. Shit worked out well :)

    You do need to have some self control, but really, if you stop buying it then it should be easy to stop smoking. It's easy to say "no thanks" when you're chilling with friends who smoke, so don't use that as an excuse. Everyone I hang out with smokes, so imagine how many sessions I had to pass up in that month ;)
  4. Just buy cool shit with the money youd spend on weed...
  5. horde then call A&E
  6. Just find a hobby man, recently I've been playing a lot of league of legends. Its about halved my smoking because I suck so hard when I'm high and I hate loosing.
  7. You must have some friends that don't smoke right? Go hang out with them more and do what they do to find a new hobby - new lifestyle.
  8. Self-control my friend, yea it sucks having to tell yourself not to smoke but it's not like your body is forcing you to do it, and if it is you have bigger things to worry about.
  9. Self-control
  10. I feel you man. When I’m broke and have to go without bud for a wile, I try to get away from anything that'll remind you of smoking. I've even moved in with my grandma for a week or so and it really helped. Another thing is to try and learn something new for the 1st time. I picked up paintball a couple years ago and it helps me ALOT. Meet new ppl that don’t smoke, so u won't have any urge to smoke :) Hope it helps

  11. Think about all the good times you had before you tried smoking.

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