Thinking about selling my SG Stemline for a LW 15-arm bub - thoughts??

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by spikeystud88, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Alright guys, I've had my Stemline for a while now and it's been a great piece. One of the cleanest, smoothest, yet harder hitting pieces I've used. Diffuses like a mofucka, has the perfect smoke volume, and is really easy to clean/take care of. But I do have a couple complaints with it now (not so much IT as in the piece itself, just read lol):

    1) At 20.5" this thing is pretty tall. When my GF and I smoke out of it we keep it on the ground 99% of the time (even when using it, and especially if we're chillin on the couch watching TV/playing 360/etc.). We have a coffee table, but it puts the tube at an awkward height (too high when sitting down, but a bit low when standing up). So because of this we keep it on the floor. Anytime it's out I'm always super paranoid that one of us will hit it/the fucking cats will hit it/SOMETHING will hit it. It's actually fallen over once (my fault), but luckily it's built like a tank and just made a loud 'thud' but was still in perfect condition (the glass is super thick). BUT still, I hate having to always worry about it. Would be so nice if I just had a little bubbler I could put on the table :D...

    2) I'm dying to get a LW 15-arm bub. Ever since I saw e-buds thread with the gifs/pics/vids of the LW 15-arm bub I've wanted one. Not only is it an awesome piece in terms of looks/function/diffusion/everything, BUT it's also perfect for just setting on a table/flat surface! It's designed to sit on a table when not in use, unlike the Stemline that is made more for a) the floor b) a room where you're standing up/have higher counters (kitchen or something...just isn't a good 'couch' piece if you know what I mean.

    So here's what I'm thinking - sell the Stemline through TK/BM, use that money and buy a LW bub, then /profit.

    Also, looking at recent listings that have sold on TK/BM I'll probably be going for like $300-$310 shipped/fees included. You guys think that's a good price?

    Help me blades :hello:!
  2. What's TK?

    Your plan sounds solid, you just gotta be sure to snag up the piece whenever they restock.
  3. Make a bong holder on your table or something,like a hook?
  4. good idea, too much money, on alt there already going for 300 new, i know i know glass can always be new after cleaning, but still.. goodluck on getting that bub tho man

  5. Google 'tahoe kush'.

    And yeah true. ALT has the best deal right now...bub with 18mm DD screen for $250 + shipping (so like $265 or cheaper shipped...good deal cause that bowl is an extra $40). Have found other places that have it for $270 shipped no slide, but that's kinda a bum deal, especially without the slide.

    I've seen people selling them on glass trading sites for wayyy less, even saw one for $200 shipped the other day. But yeah they're hard to find.

    Lol a hook? Draw up a pic or somethin for me ;).

    True about them being $300 on ALT, but you also have to pay shipping and everything. The tube is practically brand new, has ZERO signs of wear/tear, no fleabites/chips/scratches/anything. PLUS, I haven't even seen a normal Stemline on ALT for a few weeks now...just super high-end SG stuff.

    If I start it at $310 shipped/with fees and no one wants it I'll just lower it, not too much of a hassle. Thing is shipping will probably be at least $10, plus some insurance, then plus $5 or so PP that knocks the actual price of the tube down to around $280-$285.
  6. If i were you i would keep the SG, if you are really dead set on picking up a Luke Wilson bub i would just put money aside when you can afford it and slowly save up for it. The SG Stemline is a great tube and i don't think its worth selling to get a 15 arm Luke Wilson Bub.

  7. I agree to a certain extent, but then I disagree. The Stemline is a sick tube, and when I got it it was all the rage. Thing hits great, but it's really not *that* amazing compared to some of the other tubes/pieces I've hit. My friend's fake RooR with an inline A/C hits noticeably better (I hate to say it, trust me).

    My GF made a good point today - why not try to buy/sell/trade/use as many pieces as possible in our lives? We've had the Stemline for a good 6 months, used the shit out of it, gotten every penny why not trade in for something new? I hadn't really looked at it that way, but she made a really good point.

    I guess I'm not as much of a 'collector' as some people (in reality I'm just a poorass college student lol).
  8. I think he meant like a hook or something attached to the table just to wrap around the bong so that nothing can knock it over

    Edit: Just read your last post so it sounds like you've already made up your mind. Haha

  9. Ahhh, that makes much more sense. That's actually a really fucking good idea lol. I might use that until I decide to sell it (if).
  10. damn, wasnt expecting this;)
    i completely understand. the stemline is absolutely not a couch piece, which is why i got the waffle bub for a bit. ive knocked the stemline over a few times on the carpet.

    thats how i am, all my friends here are like, dude, chill out and keep a bong for a while because some of my friends come here to new glass every time. i like switching things out, especially if you do it before you harm the glass. id say if you want the 15arm and your thinking about getting rid of the stemline, do it, no reason you shouldn't imo.

    and believe it or not, im a poor college student too, i just have a fund that i set aside a while ago for glass.
    looking forward to the outcome
  11. Damn CC, you definitely helped me make the decision! I feel like you and I think a lot alike/have similar glass preferences, and I respect you a your post weighs pretty heavily in my mind!

    Thing is, I got the Stemline back when I was still living at home and my GF had an apt. I kept all smoking stuff there, so we'd always use the Stemline when sitting on the ground/bed since it's was a 1BR apt that she shared with 2 other girls who didn't smoke (so we never smoked anywhere but in her room, hence why we were always on the bed/floor). Once we moved out together we have our living room setup pretty sweet (46" 120HZ LCD, surround sound, 360, sweet couch, all that shit) so we pretty much always chill in there. So it's kind of like when we first got the stemline it was awesome and was the perfect size, but now that we mostly smoke in the living room it's just not the same :/.

    And you're 100% right about switching it up. Some people are more the collector type, and others are the more 'gimme something new ASAP' type...I feel like we are the 2nd. And yeah, I have a feeling I'd end up breaking the Stemline in the next 6 months (dont ask why, just have a feeling it would happen at a party or something when we have people over). I feel like the LW bub would be way easier to hit, set down, not worry about falling'd be easier to transport if I ever wanted to take it to someone's house or something, and it's just something new and awesome! I think half the fun of new pieces is that they're new, something you haven't used a lot before.

    Definitely open to other thoughts/ideas! Post up blades :D

    EDIT: Also, to anyone that owns/has hit a LW 15-arm bub, tell me all about it! I've done my research on the forums, but there just aren't too many threads with reviews...mostly just "ya it hitz great" or some shit like that. I WANT IN DEPTH lol!! Help me out ;)
  12. haha how naive of me to think i was the only one that but aside savings for glass only haha. i see where both of you are coming from i really love having a new piece to hit and with me at school and my brother at home both of us working we have quite a bit of money to keep refreshing our collection now, so basically wat im gettin at is ive been eyein up that sg stemline on ATL for a few weeks now and im torn between gettin a bub for around the same price or that stemline, so wat do u guys think and if u do decide to part with that stemline i may take that piece off ur hands u got any pics of it?

  13. Mods dont like discussion like this on the board, so lemme send you a PM ;).

  14. sounds good, the LW bub is real nice thou how much does a worked one go for?

  15. PM sent btw. Not sure how much the worked ones go for, I'm guessing $300+ (maybe more, not positive). The worked ones I've seen have only had worked bottoms (as in bottom of the beaker or w/e), but there might be others with more work.

    Damn dude, if I had the money I would LOVE!!! a worked one. LW + worked = instacum.
  16. If you really want a bubbler, I don't think it's a bad choice(I personally prefer tubes).

    Doesn't the stemline come in a shorter version? I always say to avoid tubes taller then 18", this is why.
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    I feel what your saying spikeystud.. and if I were in your shoes, I'd maybe trade it/sell it. I'm not in the same situation.. I put money off years ago, and have over time here and there, for a rainy day. just so happens that the 'rainy day" excuse is really now for funding pieces I buy and stuff. Money isn't an issue per se, I'd rather have the piece than the money, or vice-versa depending on the situation. I respect you and central coast and a few others on here, so when I see someone like you sorta struggling to figure out something, I go "damn, that really sucks. I would just keep the piece and buy the LW bub." but im not the poorass college kid, so guess thats where we part.

    maybe contact LW and see if he can do custom, or a 15 arm bub for you + worked.. since you said it would be instacum. LOL :eek::hello::smoke:

    Hopefully things work out. and if you ever do get the LW bub... I humbly request ( I hate when people say "demand") milk vid/pics.

    GC Blade Brother,
  18. the only thing that would stop me from doing this is im a tube guy, nothing satisfys my craving more than a fat bub rip, my circ bub comes no where near a tube, but again; its all preferance
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    I honestly thought I was a tube guy, but for some reason I just love the shit outta bubblers. My Weed Star bubbler has seen a lot of use, even after I got the Stemline/vape/new pipes and stuff. There's just something about being able to lounge back, hold a bub, and rip it that I love...something that is much harder with tubes.

    I'm pretty sure they do make a mini...maybe someday :D

    One of the best posts in this thread. I like when people actually put thought into posts and dont instantly say "NO DOOD KEEP IT IT'S SG LOL WTF DONT SELL IT OMFG WTF BBQ". For that, +rep.

    And I really wish I had a rainy day fund right now. I'm working to pay off some student loans, so pretty much all my 'fun' money goes to that right now. I only have $1800 left, so hopefully once that's done I'll be able to put more $$$ aside for a piece in the future.

    I'm glad you can see that we're in different situations. If I had a legit job (aka if I wasn't working 36hrs a week @ $11/hr) I would be in the same boat as you - I'd say fuck it and keep the SL and get the bub too. The Stemline was (and still is) my dream tube...have wanted it since the first day I saw it. It fulfilled my expectations (actually exceeded them). Priceless tube that hits like a dream...but I'm just not sure if it's for me anymore.

    Another reason I posted was in hopes that someone who was looking for a Stemline would contact me. I would absolutely love nothing more than to pass my tube onto a fellow blade who can use it for many months to come. Something about that just makes me smile inside :).

    I know what you mean man. If I do follow through with all of this I think I will eventually get another tube, although probably a cheaper one. Maybe a straight, maybe something with some percs...who knows. Maybe I could get that slick looking Weed Star Stemline ripoff.../SUPER SARCASM/FUCK THAT PIECE

    It really is all preference, and I just feel like my time with the Stemline is coming to an end. We've had a great run, but I feel like a LW bub would just round out my collection a lot more with it's unique-ness.

    Edit: Besides, my friend is giving me his RooR Icemaster + inline A/C after Christmas this year, so I'll be able to rip that in memory of the Stemline if she's gone :D. What better way to replace an awesome piece than with another awesome piece :D??

  20. My LW doesnt only have a worked bottom its got the bottom worked, the mouthpiece and a worked matching bowl. It was $420, but I had 20% off so it came to $368 otd

    I Sold my LW 6 arm the same day I bought this one for $180. I loved the 6 arm but I just wanted to upgrade to the 15 and the only place i knew that had them besides ALT had them worked. Which is good because the worked ones are fuckin SICKKKK Checkout NorthNorth's too, he got one of the other ones from my shop but in a different color.

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