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  1. to Europe. Leaning towards Germany or Switzerland. I've lived in Texas all my life, and I've always liked the idea of living in Europe. I'm going to graduate high school soon (senior) and I'm currently in a dual credit college program. By August, I should be halfway through my associates degree. I am fluent in English and Spanish, but I only know basic German. I took two years of it in high school and my second year was an AP class. Any fellow blades from Germany or Switzerland? Wanna shed some light on what I'll be needing exactly to even attempt to do this move? Thanks![​IMG]
  2. Hi there,
    what are you planning to do in Germany? Study something? If you can go to the university here, it should be easy to come. You can study and get job at some bar or somewhere to make some extra money. I have not many experiences but I suggest you should just give it a try...
  3. I would pick Switzerland for the language (French)

    and Germany for just about everything except the language (German just sounds very hostile)

    You will need to go either on a work visa or go as a student, then google your way from there.

    sorry I can't help ya much, hopefully you get more replies. Why Germany or Switzerland? just curious.
  4. I can get around using my German, but I don't speak a lick of french.
    Student visa? How hard would it be to get accepted into a German University?
    And I have traced my ancestry back to Germany, Bonn specifically, who immigrated to Mexico in the 1840's. They were Nobility apparently and I just thought it would be cool to visit my roots, maybe live there for a bit.

    Oh! And decriminalized personal use up to 5 grams :smoke:
  5. I don't think its the problem to get accepted into the university (as long as you have the grades), but the student visa is something you have to apply for to have german funds while going to school. I don't know much about it but a few of my friends are going to school abroad, and told me about it a little bit.

    Sounds like it would easier and makes more sense for you to go to Germany, Europe is very different though so be careful.

    I didn't read all of this but the first few things I read seemed pretty helpful, maybe it can help you.

    Very basic tips for an American Moving to Germany
  6. Thanks, that link was pretty insightful.

    To be honest with you, I just wanna leave the states. But I want to keep studying, so I want to go somewhere with decent schools and a better policies on the dank.

    I see you're from Canada, would you recommend a Canadian Univ?
  7. definitely, Canada is great, full of friendly people, good and cheap dope. I don't know what kind of school your looking to get into but you can definitely find it somewhere in Canada. I know it's a lot cheaper to live then most countries as well.

    moving to Canada from Texas, your new nickname will always be Texas, or Tex.
  8. Hi. Moving to Europe can be very hard as you'll need a visa and a work permit(considering if you want to make money because Europe is very expensive) one thing you could do is maybe try and apply for a study abroad program. If your too old you can just go and backpack across Europe, and maybe find a job there where you can work under the table. I was traveling in Italy with my brother and we stayed at a hostel in Tuscany where primarily Germanic speaking people went(English, German, Swedish, etc) and ALL of the people working there were just travelers who decided to just chill for a few weeks/months and get paid under the table. So you could do that.

    But I don't think making such a big move is a great idea. You'll probably move and decide later that European life isn't for you and you'll want to move home. So travel Europe, get a taste, and decide if you want to live there. I lived in Italy for a year and I got to say it wasn't exactly what I expected.
  9. What's cheap, yet big enough for me to feel like I do here? Coming from a city where the population ~2 million, I'd like something around that in size. I was looking at Vancouver, B.C. and it looks promising but also among one of the highest for cost of living. Is this true?
  10. yes, British Columbia is the most expensive, Alberta and Manitoba are the cheapest, and from Ontario and East, the smaller the city, the cheaper it is. (Toronto sounds like it would be good for you, but it's also fairly expensive)

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