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Thinking About Quitting Your Opinions?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Railer, May 31, 2013.

  1. So I've fucked up lately, I've been kinda stupid and abused weed.  I mean that by I smoked a good amount and kinda disregarded my responsibilities(e.g. college).  I got in trouble with the cops for having a dirty pipe and I didn't get arrested. I have to go to court.  So I'm fucking stupid, but I made mistakes and I'm trying to learn from them.  I was thinking about quitting for a while until I get my responsibilities back on track, or just stopping for good.  I feel like if I stop for a while and start again I'm going to try to limit my smoking to when I have no responsibilities and when I have what I need to do done.  Basically so it doesn't interfere with other life. ​
    Do you guys feel that it is possible to maintain a functional and in mainstream society's view contributive and responsible and functional life?​
    I don't want to just end up sitting around doing nothing with my life.​
    All I hear from people every damn day is "pot will make you a lazy stoner" and honestly I don't know what to believe.​
    I feel like whenever I smoke after nothings changed.  After I come down I just feel normal. I don't feel stupid.  I just feel like its like video games or watching t.v.  You can't let it get in the way of responsibilities.        ​

  2. Quitting sounds like a good idea.
  3. I know exactly what you mean. It's not that weed will "make you" a lazy stoner, it only will if YOU let it. It sounds like a break is a good idea. I've been contemplating whether to take one or not as well for many of the same reasons. But now that I'm out of school and am not taking summer classes, I really don't have any responsibilities other than remembering trash day.. I believe it's possible to have a functional lifestyle, just more easily with moderation.
  4. Sounds like quitting would be a good idea, for now. Or at the very least, treat it like alcohol. I assume you aren't drinking all day every day when you need to be doing other shit, but plenty of people drink on the weekends when they're free of their responsibilities. I'd say either quit or keep your smoking habit down to "well the week is over and I've been really productive and taken care of all of my responsibilities, so now I can wind down by smoking some weed". :smoking: 
    College should definitely come first and foremost. Do what you gotta do there, and if you gotta quit smoking to do that, then it's time to quit. 
  5. In California, If you were caught with a dirty pipe back in the 80's, maybe some community service. Today, If thats all you got, they either take it from you or leave it alone.
    If you abuse weed (wake and bake and smoke all day everyday), then it can catch up with you, if you are not careful. Some people can take care of thier responsibilities in those conditions, others can't. I say you should take a break or cut down your consumption. Smoke the weed. Don't let it smoke you. Good luck!
  6. yeah dude your in control of your life. the weed doesent change you your minds what changes you. if you think you can smoke and do college thats all you buddy
  7. smoke after your done for the day. its that easy. only dsmoke when your done with what you gotta do for the day
  8. Some people just can't handle pot. If you can't control yourself, I'd recommend steering clear of it.
  9. Moderation is key man. Don't smoke when you have shit to do.
    Let weed revolve around your life, don't let your life revolve around weed.

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