Thinking about quitting cigarettes and using a vape pen

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  1. Hey guys, actual serious post here rather than my normal Jello Brand Chocolate Pudding TM posts. 
    I'm a pretty heavy cigarette smoker and I've been recently wanting to quit. I was thinking of buying a vape pen, more specifically a mechanical mod vape, to help me quit smoking. I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with these and which mods/starter kits you recommend getting. I'm not looking to spend a whole bunch of money here. Somewhere below 60 would be nice, but I know that's difficult with mech mods.
    I've been looking at the Kamry K100 and the Kamry KTS mods. They both come with starter kits. Are these good? Should I pick one over the other? Or is there another one that is better to start with? 
    Thanks in advance, any input is welcome and much appreciated.

  2. Hey man, former cigarette smoker here.All I have been using lately is an ecig and I absolutely love it! Haven't smoked for like 5-6 months because I find ecigs much more appealing. I bought a mini protank 2 along with a 900 mah battery and so far this setup has been wonderful and is a perfect way to get started. Though I have no experience with mechanical mods, i've heard nothing but good things about those Kamry mods.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  3. I was a 1.5-2 pack a day smoker... I bought a little cheap electric cigarette with replaceable nicotine filters.. then I switched to a nicer one that you fill up with the "juice" (I don't remember any model or brand names) 
    But one day the battery broke and I was too lazy to get a new one for a few days and then I just decided if I could go a few days without it I probably don't need it anymore..
    now I'm almost 1 year nicotine-free and I'm never going back.. I think those electric cigarettes are a great way to quit but I don't think they should be used long term
    I know this doesn't answer your question about specific brands but good luck quitting
  4. it probably wont be a popular statement but I dont think the electric cigarettes are any good for you either obviously 100X better then real cigarettes.. but i do think they are a great step towards quitting which should be the ultimate goal
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    my good friend used one to quit smoking, definitely get off that shit, has no benefit to you.
    best of luck
    @[member="SlightlyStonedSD"], I agree. I dont know how I feel about the PG and Glycerin being vaped. kinda throws me off, I like my errlz :D
  6. man I used to smoke a pack a day and the only way I stopped was cold turkey its only the first 3 weeks that you crave it the most but then you're all goodSent from my SPH-L720 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  7. Thanks for all the input everyone! 
    I used an ecig and it was an easy transition. Your nicotine addicted mind doesn't care where the nicotine comes from I guess. But my battery died so I went from digital back to analog..............Then I quit once cold turkey. And it was easy....but I failed again.
     Good luck to you OP. Stay strong and you'll make it.
  9. Get the Kamry K100. I smoked a couple different e cigs over the course of about 2 years, then I bought the K100. It is amazing. My only suggestion would be to get a Kangertech protank 2 to put on top. I don't like the drip tips. I was a heavy smoker too and this set up allows me to smoke all day with it no problem.
    Also get a different 18650 mah battery than the stock ones.
    Overall I can not say enough good things about this setup. It is so much better than the other ones I have had. I have had this setup for about 4 months and haven't had any problems.
    If you want suggestions for juice brands, I would reccomend either Pink Spot Vapors or Ruthless e juice.
  10. i too quit cold turkey it's in my opinion the best way. you'll just end up addicted to the nicotine in the e-cigs /gum whatever anyway. best of luck to you. it's one of the best decisions i ever made. 
  11. Sometimes you end up getting more addicted to the ecig because it's so easy to smoke and can be smoked everywhere.  Watch out for that.
  12. [quote name="Lo Wang" post="19405394" timestamp="1390681634"]i too quit cold turkey it's in my opinion the best way. you'll just end up addicted to the nicotine in the e-cigs /gum whatever anyway. best of luck to you. it's one of the best decisions i ever made. [/quote]yea I too think its the best way my dad did it like that so I decided to giv it a shot like that im about to make it to 6 months without nicotine or alcohol...Sent from my SPH-L720 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  13. yeah you gotta really want it though. on 420 it's been 2 years since i quit.
  14. Actually just ordered the K-101 (over aesthetic prefences) and I'm very confident with my purchase, especially after what you said. And thanks for the juice brand suggestions. I'm probably going to head to my local smoke shop for their juice selection.

    Very excited to be doing this and quitting, but also very nervous I'll fail. Wish me luck blades!

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  15. I'm gonna start off with nictotine in the juices then wane myself off it since they have varying nictoene levels from I think 2.8% all the way to 0%.

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  16. I don't know the percents, I think it is 0mg, 6mg,12mg,18mg(what I smoke),24mg, and 30mg.
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    Swapping out the cigarettes for a nicotine vaporizer was one of the best decisions I ever made. I feel so much better. It's a good switch for someone who can't just quit cold turkey.
    If you want a good juice supplier, check out and I've used both suppliers. Both really cheap and great stuff! You gotta try the Dragon's Blood from ecblends.
  18. I havnt smoked cigs in monthsSent from my ADR6300 using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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    Yo i sell a shit ton of this stuff at my stores.
    Easiest to maintain and keep running with the least hassle for years would be a Kangertech Evod Twist with a 1.5ml EVOD tank. Buy like 10 coils for the middle and youll be good for like 4-6months. Buyin juice MAYBE every week probably two. Our best tobacco brand is..
    Johnson & Creek Smoke Juice what they specialize in is tobacco flavors. They got the widest selection of legit tobacco flavors like Tennessee Cured, Gold Reserve, Domestic etc  its pretty damn good.
    But ya if you can find a juice you can get for $10-12  youll be good to go with that set up. 
    EDIT: And if your gunna quit all at once smoke 24mg juice for a month 
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    They are starting to get popular around my area. Picked this bad boy up December 4th for $25 & they have so many crazy flavors like monster for example. Not 100% cig free since maybe like 7 cigs total just to remember what I was missing. Cigs taste like shit now like burnt paper. I've done a side by side comparison & this hits harder than any cig & far way better. Makes your throat feel some type of way til you get used to it. Some type of way dude/ma'am. Fare-warned. But these things are great!!!!!! Does the job for after eating, & after smoking some bud. All cig smokers know what I mean by it does the job after those activities.Long story short, fucking awesome for 25$ plus 7.50 for a bottle of liquid that lasts me like 2 weeks & I refill it everyday. And cheif on that bitchSent from my PantechP9070 using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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