Thinking about ordering a custom bubbler...

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  1. what kind of things should i ask for? the head shop has a local glassblower on demand and i want to order a bubbler. i want it custom but i dont know what kinds of things i should ask for on it or in it. has anyone ordered a bubbler before? can i specify a design and color and what neat stuff can i put on it?

  2. It depends on what the guy is willing to do but you should be able to choose everything from the style of bubbler (hammer, sidecar, etc) all the way down to the color scheme.

    Stuff to consider might be:
    colored line work
    multiple layers/inside out

    Making pieces that you are going to love is how most good glass blowers put food on their table. If you can give the guy a good idea of what you are looking for, there's a pretty good chance that he can take care of the rest.

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