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  1. So yeah.. Im thinking about getting "Gods Son" tattoo'd onto my collar.. not sure on the look yet but probably something cursive but whatever i choose it will be legit

    I want gods son because im a huge nas fan and we are all gods children the two main reasons

    you guys think that would be wack and i should be ashamed to take my shirt off after i get this?
  2. idk, its not the worst tattoo idea i've heard of.

    maybe you should keep thinking about it and wait a year before you get it done. make sure you still want it just as bad as you do now.

    I advise everyone to do that. I know it sucks waiting another year. But if its going to last the rest of your life i think the year is worth the wait to make 100% sure its what you want.
  3. yeah ive been wanting one for awhile im still in the thought process im not going to rush into anything
  4. I think it's kind of dumb but that may just be because I'm an atheist. Idk man, I doubt you'd regret it but if you went into the tattoo place you'd probably see something you like more.
  5. me too...

    naahh haaha i used to be agnostic but i guess getting older changed some things
  6. I want to get C:\



    Either way, yeah. I'm a huge fucking nerd lol.
  7. I always wondered if were all gods sons, what was so great about jesus?
  8. Don't get a tattoo to assume an image.
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    I love nas, that tattoo could look pretty sick

    I hope you're black though, if you're white then you shouldn't even consider it.

    edit: read my other post all you dumbasses that think that I'm being racist
  10. He could conjure as much bread as he wanted when the munchies kicked in.
  11. priceless.
  12. but ya, that's a good idea for a tattoo.
    I, myself, am not a tattoo kinda guy though.
  13. naw im not black...
  14. :rolleyes: way to be a huge racist douchebag
  15. How is that racist?
  16. I think the word racist has been thrown around so much,
    that few people even remembers it's true meaning.
  17. Don't you love how often people misuse words like racist and stereotype?
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    Nah, I didn't mean to be racist at all. I didn't say anything derogatory about any race, I was stating it's a tattoo that I think would look really tight on a black person but corny on someone white.

    I'm white and love nas, but would never get that tattoo since I would look like some wanna be thug.

    CeR01- just do whatever you want. Tattoos are about what you like, not what some random strangers online like
  19. haha, basically what I'm getting at here.
  20. Its like the N word. As George Carlin said its the context in which we use words, not the words themselves that are bad. That is kind of off the topic though.

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