Thinking about making a website for teaching people to grow.

Discussion in 'General' started by savageacee, Mar 22, 2016.

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  1. I want to be able to teach and show people how to grow. On the side i like making websites. I decided to start a lil side project. This site I'm making will be like a free learning tool and I will have full timelapse grows. will start from seed to harvest. ill track the nutes I use and all the equipment I'm using. I will be using only soil additives and compost teas. Good idea? just wanted to know everyone's opinion.
  2. Hasn't city & youtube got this covered.

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  3. you know how you have youtubers that have personal grows and journals and tips? well mine will be in website form. people can message me and ask questions and stuff. kinda like branding myself. I got my own logo and everything.
  4. /\ /\ like YouTube, you can private message or post to the video, it's amazing. Hygro hybrid did this, let's just say he is back on YouTube

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  5. yea. I wanna expand more tho. first imma start it off as grow logs and growing tips then I want to expand into merchandise.
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  6. yea. imma post it there also. I wanna make full time lapse grows also. the whole grow within minutes.
  7. i think growweedeasy has already dominated that market.

    The only thing you can really do is teach people things that other growers do not know.. such as special techniques you've learned maybe? special grow box designs?
  8. yea I talked to nebula. she said I can link to her growweedeasy blog. she said I could use the articles but cant change them and link back to her. but with my stuff its just gonna be about my techniques and things I do and how I grow organically. not like a full class jus givin out tips.
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  9. Nebula is such a cool chick. I wonder if she posts here on GC. I could never be like her.. haha.. but then, every grower kinda brings something unique to the table. It adds to the whole puzzle, to the bigger picture.
  10. yea. people told me u cant compete with synthetic fertilizers so I wanna prove them wrong with a organic grow. this is my setup. only using things in this list
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  11. What is your experience growing? I mean what makes you an expert? I like the idea of watching a time lapse grow video but don't know how helpful it would be.
  12. We have a whole section of the forum that is dedicated to Organic Growing. Not to mention every other method of growing. What you're thinking about doing isn't a 'new' idea, it's been done several times over by many growers. can't advertise other sites or your own site here.
    You should talk to people that have personally done what you're asking about here.
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