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  1. i have a really cheap vape and a really nice bubbler and i was thinking i would try to hook my vaporizer up to my bubbler for the water cooling effect, anyone know how i would go about doing this? i was thinking about taking the mouthpiece and just electrical taping it into the bowl of my bubbler ( it has a 14mm GONG fitting with a fucking huge bowl:cool:). post any ideas you guys have!
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  5. It really depends on the model of vape. If it's a whip vape (when you say cheap vape, i think of that shitty one on amazon), you should be able to just put the whip down in the bubblers slide. I'm no expert, but i guess since the vapor wont be too hot, it shouldn't harm the tape enough to produce fumes though.
  6. ya it's a whip vape, sorry i didnt say that lol. its just one of those "bliss air freshener" ones i got from a lhs, it was 50 bucks so pretty cheap compared to other nice ones. ya i dont think the tape will melt and my bubbler has a carb so i need to be able to hold the carb and turn the whip while its on the vape or else it burns the weed so i wont be able to hold the whip into the bowl.

  7. Yeah, what? No mention of age in there

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