Thinking about legally growing. Is it profitable?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Sublime123, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. So I've had this idea in my head for quite some time now about getting a card and growing 6 plants (I live in CA so its legal) I was also thinking about teaming up with a buddy and renting out a cheap apartment and splitting the electric bill/rent. I've never grown before, so I assume experience through trial and error might be necessary before I can maximize my yields and potency. I understand that the setup may be a few thousand dollars and I have money prepared to invest in this business.

    Now my question is, If I don't smoke and am doing this purely for profit, is this a viable way to get by in life and maybe prosper of I can learn to maximize my yields? Well I'm done asking questions, I want to hear your feedback if you have experience growing and had similar ideas tell me how successful you were and the problems you ran into. This is something I want to pursue because I believe with the recent changes in laws there is a goldrush going on that even the feds can't stop.

    Your comments are greatly appreciated!
  2. you been on her since 2008 and you dont smoke and looking to pull a profit I think your barking up the wrong tree
  3. I used to smoke obviously, but now just trying to use it turn a profit. Serious response would be greatly appreciated.
  4. after a grow or two you'll make a profit if you have people to sell to but even then it seems like 200 a oz is what you get out there
  5. hmmm yeah for a mid grade dank oz it is 200 true...either way though, even if i wasn't trying to make a living doing it i would do it to help pay the bills. haha
  6. If you had a perpetually grow, constantly having bud ready to sell, you can be extremely profitable. But if you only have a couple plants and it's a couple months in between harvests, you won't do too well.
  7. With noob growers, mites are noted for showing up and eating into any profit margin....
  8. interesting. but won't that mean having like 80 plants going at all times? lol
  9. and i'm sure with the knowledge its easily avoidable, right?
  10. yea strong fan > mites, dont wear shoes in the grow room, use germ x and dont have house plants...if you get a good 10+ oz each time that should last you till next harvest if you arent slanging like crazy
  11. Maybe not THAT many, but yah. Takes money to make money man. And time is definetly money.
  12. let me put this out in the open, i'm not suggesting that i wish to go over the legal limit of 6 flowered and 6 vegetating plants, but if i want to make a serious profit i'd have to do something with very high risk correct? or is the risk not too bad...any way to grow more than the med card limit without having to look over my shoulder?
  13. 1. When you mean profitable, are you speaking of selling medicine to medical patients, or are you talking about black market values.

    2. If you are talking about selling medicine to medical patients, it is profitable in a way, but if you go by all legal terms, its supposed to be non-profit.

    3. If you are talking about the black market, which I have a feeling you are due to you talking about risks - that is not something that is allowed on grasscity, and I would highly suggest you dont talk about it anymore if that is the case.
  14. as soon as you do become profitable the feds will shut you down, thats just how it is - you have to stay sorta non-profit or whatever like the harborside clinic are sorta operating because of how much charity they do and how strict they are

    the new show on discovery I think called weed wars will show them more indepth

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