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  1. Well, I'm 19, and don't have a job...I'm currently living with my Grandmother, and I'm hating life. I just got fired from my first job that I have had for 2 years now, and can't seem to find another job. I'm a highschool drop out, but I have my GED. So, I've been thinking about Job Corp...From what I read, they train you in a trade, and once you graduate from it, they help you find a job, as well as give you some money.

    But I'm nervous...If it's anything like school....I'll probably fail miserably...The reason why I dropped out of school is because, I was terrible in school. I can do math and science and all that fairly well. I would always do excellent on homework and everything, but for some reason, when it came to tests, I would freeze up, and forget everything. I don't know why, but I just couldn't take tests without becoming nervous, and getting low scores on them. (I would still pass...But the passing scores were always terrible.)

    Has anyone been to job corp that can tell me what it's like? I really want to do something with my life instead of being a loser.

  2. dude go to community college for 2 years get a associates and either go nursing or transfer out for a 4 year college.

    thats what im doing but i start next fall.

  3. Oh, I'd like that....Only thing is...It costs money, which I don't have sadly. =*( I have about 400 dollars that I have been saving, I've barely been eating to save the money in case I need to use it for something.

  4. dude. ok i cant discuss dealing but ya you get the picture
    and Community college only costs 30 bucks a unit + you can get student loans and grants.
  5. I am currently enrolled in the North Texas Job Corps in McKinney, Texas and to be honest, I don't regret the decision at all. Sometimes people come and are gone within a week, but for the most part people can stick it out. It's really not a bad way to start changing your life for the better (made even more popular in my eyes by the fact that it's free).

    We wake up at 6:00 but there really isn't much of a set bed time. Go eat and go to trade between 8 - 3:40 and there isn't much that I have to complain about. Except that I smoke cigarettes, and unless you are money savvy or grandparents could send you money (or you sell cigarettes or snacks or some such) you won't get enough money to support your habit. That's really the only thing that gets to me is not having a cigarette when I need one.

    Otherwise I would say go for it. It's a good start. Gives you a new hope being here.
  6. College is where it's at. You can apply for financial aid and at the very least they'll give you loans you won't have to pay until after you graduate and find a job. Get at least a 2 year degree and then if you find a field you are good at, transfer to a 4 year school and then you'll be raising your salary by a lot and you'll have an actual career that can support an adult.

  7. oh dayum get em red......
    yup job corp teaches you how to change the oil in a car
    college prepares you for a higher roll.
  8. trades are different than 'careers'. maybe the guy wants to be a mechanic, job corps has advanced trades that are very valuable, i went to job corps and they paid for all of my computer certifications (MOS, A+, net&security + etc). and i got them when i was 17!

    not that i use them now, i dont like the work force.
  9. I wasn't saying job corps aren't legit, I'm saying a financially secure career comes with college unless you have an innate skill such as acting, playing football, or something along those lines.

  10. and trades? can college teach you carpentry, plumbing, brick masonry and auto mechanical stuff? im actually asking, because ive never known anyone to go to college for those things. there are more careers than you give credit to, they dont all involve a suit and a desk haha.

    poor kids these days are told from birth youll fail without college, there are many many ways to make money. im not saying college is ever a bad idea (unless you have no clue what you're doing and just wasting money getting a degree in general studies or something useless like that).
  11. My cousin went to job corp he liked it and they just hooked him up with a job he seems satisfied with how things are going so i guess i'd say go for it

    if I was you id at least look into community college it may not be as expensive as you think and their I'm sure you could find job opportunities by the time you graduate with your associates
  12. You're wrong. Let me show you why.

    Diesel mechanic - no college necessary - up to 100k+
    air traffic controller - no college necessary - 100k
    HVAC mechanic - no college necessary - up to 100k
    plumbing - no college necessary - 60k
    and many many more. It's funny how ignorant you are with all of your "college education"
  13. In most cases that I have seen, above jobs required an associates degree in applied trade technology, or whatever the verbiage is used at the local community college, in conjunction with on-the-job training.
  14. Yea you need associate degrees with all of those, I mean if you are a very skilled mechanic chances are you won't need college but like I said that's an innate skill....air traffic controllers do need college. Plumbers don't make 60K by any means unless they have their own company and are very experienced.

  15. thanks, i didnt know any labors to ask in person haha.

    i have a friend whos in the carpentry union though, and he never went to college? he makes like 30 an hour. i could live on like, 12. haha.
  16. Nope, that's incorrect. I know a plumber with just a ged. I know a hvac mechanic with only a highschool diploma and a staterun career training. Air tra,ffic controller, some military experience and your in there. Look you guys saying you need college are full of shit. Yes, you will have one up on someone in the above listed jobs if you have a degree, but you are not required to have one.

  17. you should try being a little less condescending in your posts. you come off that way a little.
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  19. Okay I will seriously try. That was not my intention at all just intending on debating. I get a little serious sometimes when I debate:eek:

  20. i know, thats why i was letting you know haha. sometimes we all come off a little more harsh than we mean to.

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