Thinking about investing $1500 in a Kind LED.. Should I buy 10 MarsHydro instead? Worth it?

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  1. Wanted to invest in an LED, due to it actually saving me money in the long run (60 bucks a month on electricity, 60 bucks every 1-2 years on a new 1000w Hortilux HPS bulb), but the cost of the KIND LEDs are just insane.. It doesn't really make sense to buy the K5 1000 for $1500 when you could get more than 10+ panels of the 3000w Mars Hydro panels at $100 each.. I'd actually probably buy 5x of the ViparSpectra 600w panels for $189.99, because they come with a 3 year warranty.. That would be ~1k for 3000w of LED, drawing ~1400 actual watts at the plug.. What do you guys think?

    1) 1x Kind K5 XL 1000 for $1700 ( )

    2) 5x 600w ViparSpectra LEDs for ~$1000 ( )

    Or just stick to HPS and run 2x 600w air cooled hoods

    3) 1 Solis Tek Matrix ballast + splitter to run two 600w bulbs + remote control + 2x hydrofarm plug adaptors + 2x Hortilux 600w bulbs for ~$500?

    What do you guys think?

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  2. I have seen really nice results from some of the newer LEDs including the ones tour looking at. I know someone personally who just purchased two of those exact light (Kind) and is just about to start a grow with them with controlled co2 ect.., investment, but I think some of the results I've seen speak volumes.
  3. The actual Leds do not save on power. An led draws about half what it is rated because diodes are ran at lower wattage so they last longer. It has nothing to do with equivalent to another light source or what the led draws. The 400 watt mars I purchased is actually a 177 watt actual draw light and is only comparable to 177 watts of another light source . Even the rep from Mars on gc says it's watt for actual watt. You're just buying smaller lights is all. If you're thinking a 1000 watt led is comparable to 1000 watts of Hid, it's not. It's about half the size or less
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  4. Make your own led grow lights I'm working on doing that there's a lot of good info on here how to do it

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  5. A 1000 true watt led should be better than a 1000w hps. It's not the led's fault that all the manufacturers puff up their claims by adding the max rated watts and not the actual watts.

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  6. So why not do one huge grow once a year and save so much money on spending but using 1000w bulbs. Honestly if your going to spend the money and go big with industrial lighting.

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  7. Lol well being leds the op is discussing isn't actual watt rating, I think I'll continue talking about the lights being discussed. Kinds 1000 draws quite a bit for an led of that size, 650 watt actual.
  8. Go with these if you want to spend a lot of money and just do one big grow a year.

    Gavita pro 1000e de

    That is just an option rather than led.

    For leds check out amare technologies or california light works. Amare uses new cobs though.

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  9. Everything I've read about LEDs says that it's better to buy multiple lower watt LEDs than one large one. I've got a 400W LED with another one being shipped to me later this week.
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    I can't imagine spending that much on an LED considering when it dies, it's permanently dead, can't just replace a bulb like HPS. LED's are currently way over-priced IMO. If I spend that much money on a light I expect a top-tier/high end product, I don't think there is a single LED manufacturer that is trying to give you a "good deal". I expect there profit margins are through the roof.

    I'm going to start my grow in a 2x2 grow tent, I was considering LED at a time because I didn't think I could fit a HPS in that size tent. But found a cool tube that can fit in there so will probably never touch an LED, until they make an efficiently price product.
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